5 Best Overwatch PS4 mouse and keyboards

by Milan Stanojevic
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  • PlayStation 4 has a great choice of games, including some amazing FPS games such as Overwatch.
  • Playing FPS games with a mouse and keyboard feels better for some users, and in today’s article, we’re going to show you the best Overwatch PS4 mouse and keyboard to use.
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overwatch ps4 mouse and keyboard

Overwatch is a great game, and many prefer playing it with a keyboard and mouse. While Overwatch doesn’t support keyboard and mouse natively on PS4, it might offer some limited support.

In theory, almost any keyboard and mouse should work with Overwatch on PS4 as long as you have the keyboard and mouse adapter, and in this article, we’re going to show you the best Overwatch PS4 mouse and keyboard that you can use.

What is the best Overwatch PS4 mouse and keyboard?

HORI PlayStation 4 TAC Pro

  • Officially licensed by Sony
  • LED-backlit mechanical keyboard
  • Snipe Button, Quick Button, ADS Lock, and other features
  • Compatible with PS4, PS3, and PC
  • Doesn’t require an adapter
  • Can be awkward to use

HORI PlayStation 4 TAC Pro Type M2 is an officially licensed keyboard and mouse combo for PS4. The keyboard has LED-backlit, so it’s perfect for late-night gaming sessions.

The keyboard comes with a dedicated HORI Device Manager phone app that you can use to adjust the keyboard layout, DPI settings, and more. Speaking of DPI, the mouse offers up to 3200 DPI sensitivity, for maximum precision.

Regarding the compatibility, HORI PlayStation 4 TAC Pro Type M2 is compatible with PS4, PS3, and PC, and it’s a great Overwatch PS4 mouse and keyboard combo.

MFTEK One Hand Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

  • 35 keyboard keys, palm rest
  • RGB backlight
  • No ghosting
  • Multimedia shortcuts
  • Compatible with PS4, Xbox, Windows, and macOS
  • Can sometimes slide

This keyboard has 35 keys, and it’s made from ABS plastic. All the keys are backlit, so you can easily enjoy nightly gaming sessions. It’s important to mention that the keyboard has a wrist rest, so you won’t experience fatigue while gaming.

The keyboard also has a non-slip rubber on the bottom, so it won’t move even during intense gaming sessions. As for the size, the keyboard measures 6.7×8.6 inches.

MFTEK One Hand Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo is a decent PS4 mouse and keyboard combo, so it might be worth checking out.

GameSir VX

  • Compatible with PS4, PS3, Switch, Xbox One, and PC
  • Wireless keyboard, range 32.8ft
  • 5 DPI and 4 polling levels
  • TTC Blue mechanical switches
  • Dedicated mobile app for quick configuration
  • The keyboard might be uncomfortable

GameSir VX is an Overwatch PS4 mouse and keyboard combo, and in addition to PS4, these devices can also work with PS3, Switch, Xbox One, and PC.

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The mouse has 5 DPI levels, ranging from 400 to 12000, and you can also adjust the polling rate. The keyboard is wireless, and thanks to the 1000mAh battery, it can last for hours.

GameSir VX can also adjust HIP and ADS sensitivity, and there’s even a dedicated mobile app available for quick configuration, so it’s a perfect choice for gamers.

BlueFinger RGB

  • 13-different backlit modes
  • Blue mechanical keys
  • Four different DPI levels
  • 6-button mouse
  • Backlit mouse
  • Keys might be a bit loud

Another great keyboard for PS4 is BlueFinger RGB, and this model comes with 35 keys, and just like other keyboards, it supports multiple key presses.

The keyboard is backlit, and it has 13 different backlit modes. As for the mouse, it comes with 6 buttons, and it has four DPI levels, up to 2000. Of course, the mouse is also backlit.

BlueFinger RGB is completely plug and play, and it’s compatible with Windows, macOS, PS4, and Xbox One, so it’s a perfect choice if you want to play FPS games on PS4.


  • Compatible with PS4, PS3, Xbox One, and Switch
  • Comes with keyboard and mouse converter
  • Plug and play
  • Customizable
  • Can work with unsupported games
  • The adapter cable is too short

If you need an Overwatch PS4 mouse and keyboard combo, then ZJFKSDYX C91 might be just what you need. This set is compatible with PS4, PS3, Xbox One, and Switch, and it should work right out of the box.

It’s worth mentioning that a keyboard and mouse converter is available, so you should be able to use this keyboard and mouse even with unsupported games.

ZJFKSDYX C91 keyboard and mouse combo has a mechanical feel and the mouse is ergonomic, so it’s a perfect choice for prolonged gaming sessions.

Using an Overwatch PS4 mouse and keyboard combo is easy, but make sure that you have the proper adapter beforehand to ensure maximum compatibility with the game.

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