7 Best Password Managers for Families to Stay Safe [2022]

by Teodor Nechita
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Teodor Nechita
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  • Everyone can use a password manager, but some can keep entire families safe, not just yourself.
  • This article brings together the top password managers in the world for large families.
  • Many of the entries in this article offer a free plan or a free trial, so go ahead and test them all.
Password management is a key element in providing security for all the users within your organization. ADSelfService Plus is the solution that offers all the features to provide:

  • Security for remote and local access with 2FA
  • Reports on users’ password self-service activities
  • Instant password reset alerts to users
  • Access to the password reset/account unlock portal from users’ mobile devices

Get now the best password management tool for your business.

Online privacy and security are a must in an era where information can be easily attainable via the Internet, so keeping everything locked behind credentials and passwords has become the new norm.

The only real problem is that there are just too many services that are login-based, and remembering the password for each of them becomes impossible at one point.

That’s where a reliable third-party password manager comes into play and saves you from a lot of worries.

How can a password manager help me?

Password managers are meant to save your credentials for you in a safe location, and most of them even come with an auto-complete feature that fills out the credentials as soon as you enter a website.

Another great trend that a lot of password managers follow is allowing multiple users to take advantage of their services on a single subscription, and this makes them great for sharing with friends and families.

Speaking of which, we understand the need to keep everyone you love safe and secure, so we decided to focus on creating an article that covers all of the best password managers that make excellent tools for large families.

We will be ranking them based on performance, security, additional toolset, and their price, while also providing you with direct download links for each of them so that you can give them all a try.

Which are the best password managers for families?

RoboForm Password Manager – Best friendly password manager

Next on our list is none other than RoboForm Password Manager. It is one of the top password managers on the market not only because it makes keeping tabs on passwords easier, but also because it automates the entire process of form completion and password generation as well.

More so, it seems that RoboForm makes for an excellent family-oriented password manager since they even have a dedicated subscription called a Family Plan.

More so, RoboForm even has a feature that allows you to grant a trusted contact emergency access to your RoboForm data in the event of death, incapacitation, or simply as a method of account recovery, so even if something happens to you, your family will be taken care of.

Family-oriented features aside, RoboForm makes for a solid password manager when it comes to general use as well, providing much-needed features such as:

  • Access from any location at any time
  • Password capturing while browsing
  • Automatic password sync
  • One-click logins
  • Offline access
  • Extensions for all major browsers, and more…

RoboForm Password Manager

You along with friends and family will be as safe as possible with the world’s best password manager!

Free trial Visit website

ADSelfService Plus – Great business password management tool

ManageEngine’s ADSelfService Plus is a holistic and flexible self-service password management tool that will help your business tremendously.

So, it’s essentially a business-oriented solution but you can use it very efficiently for all the members of your family.

Its main feature is to enable the users to access multiple enterprise applications, including Office 365, G Suite, and Salesforce, with single sign-on (SSO).

However, they will also be able to securely reset passwords and unlock their Windows Active Directory (AD), Office, and other accounts.

Not only that, but it also secures password resets with additional layers of authentication, including Google Authenticator and biometrics.

With this tool, it’s possible to synchronize password resets and changes from AD to cloud and on-premises applications in real-time for all the members of your family.

In short, all the passwords will be safe and sound so that your family will be out of trouble when it comes to any data or identity theft.

Take a look at its key features below:

  • Enables remote users to force an update of their cached AD credentials
  • Secures every remote and local access to Windows with 2FA
  • Generate reports on users’ password self-service activities
  • Send instant password reset alerts to users
  • Access the password reset/account unlock portal from users’ mobile devices

ADSelfService Plus

Secure your family by providing reliable password protection for all members.

Free trial Visit website

NordPass – Best tool with family plan

We tested the NordPass password manager for families and studied each feature, including the master password, browser extension, and encrypted note, to determine the pros and cons of using this password manager.

NordPass’s primary features are its simple design, app speed, encryption technology, and user experience.

If you’ve ever been to an outdoor event, you know that the Wi-Fi breaks down just when you need to access anything in the cloud.

You may subscribe to the NordPass Family Plan, which allows you to build six unique vaults with only one subscription!

NordPass Family Plan contains all of the premium plan features your family requires to be safe and have passwords kept in a non-intrusive manner.

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It also offers six active sessions per account, which means you may connect to six devices at the same time.

You may securely share passwords with other NordPass family members through an encrypted connection using the Trusted Contacts option.

Your family members may easily communicate credit card information, login information, or secure notes.

It’s a great way for family members to share membership details like streaming platforms’ passwords.


Share digital subscriptions with the rest of your family in a secure environment that is simple to use and has a lot of flexibility.

Check price Visit website

Dashlane – Popular and safe

The next software on our list is another well-known password manager called Dashlane, and it too is a solid choice for anyone that wants to keep their passwords safe and secure.

The reason it’s number 3 on our list is that, despite offering pretty much all the tools of our first entry, their free subscription plan is far more limited, but other than that, Dashlane will do just fine.

Keep your passwords safe and secure, auto-complete your credentials on all the websites that you enter, gain access to encrypted file storage, a solid password generator, and more.

As for the family features, Dashlane offers the ability to share passwords with up to 5 users on their free plan, and unlimited users on all of their paid plans, so whichever plan you choose, you’ll still be able to keep others safe too.


All passwords are protected with AES 256-bit encryption, one of the most powerful encryption methods available on the market.

1Password – Best dedicated family password manager

Similar to our first entry, 1Password has a dedicated family-oriented plan called 1Password Families, and through it, you can share passwords, credit cards, and anything else that’s too important to email.

Up to five people can join in and have individual accounts on your single subscription, and the best part is that they don’t even have to live within the same house.

Thanks to these tools, 1Password helps your family practice smart online security by generating unbreakable, unique passwords for all accounts covered by your subscription.

However, 1Password understands the importance of privacy, so personal vaults for each account do exist, and not even the account owner can access them without permission from the designated owners.


Private and Shared Vaults for each family member for email login, streaming platforms, and social media passwords.

Free trial Visit website

Passware Kit Basic – Ideal tool for password recovery

Our second suggestion is a powerful password recovery tool that works for multiple file types such as MS Office & OpenOffice documents, PDFs, and Windows Password Reset.

Passware Kit Basic is suitable for family use because it has the capacity to recover or reset passwords from the most common, daily use apps.

It can recover and reset passwords from over 80 file types and over 300 document types. On top of that, all recovered passwords are automatically stored in a password history report, so you can easily access and use them.

The software is very powerful in detecting encrypted files within your machine. An additional benefit of this feature is that it can also decrypt hard disk images.

Passware Kit Basic is compatible with Windows 10 & 11, Windows 8, and Windows Vista SP1. It is a paid software, but it offers a free trial so you can try and see how it suits your needs.

Additional features of Passware Kit Basic Include:

  • Burns password-reset CDs
  • Displays account properties
  • Resets Local Admin passwords, including Live ID Accounts

Passware Kit Basic

Recover and store all your family’s passwords with one powerful tool.

Check price Visit Website

LastPass – Best tool for family password management

LastPass password manager

LastPass started off as a browser extension that allowed easier password management and has since evolved into one of the top password managers on the market today, thus deserving a spot on our list.

Available on all major platforms, including Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS, this tool will allow you to access all of your services regardless of where you are.

Besides, PC users don’t need to worry about installing bulky software, since their browser extensions (yes, they still have that), will more than suffice.

Online shopping will be simplified thanks to the automatic form completion, and you can even create accounts where you yourself don’t know the passwords since LastPass will remember them for you.


Manage, generate and secure your passwords for the whole family with LastPass!

Check price Get it now

This concludes our list of best password managers that families can use, and we hope that you agree with the entries in this article.

Additionally, you might be interested in our best password sync software list and maybe you will find other good suggestions.

If you know of any other password managers that would have deserved a spot on our list, leave us a message in the comments section below with its name, and we’ll decide whether to add them or not.

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