3 Best virtual guitar apps & software

Milan Stanojevic
by Milan Stanojevic
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  • Musicians and artists look forward to finding alternatives for improving the guitar sound effect or to use software for musical instruments.
  • Virtual instrument effects and apps are of great popularity as they allow you to create outstanding mixes, to add mixtures and textures to the sound, as well a mastering new tunes.
  • We crafted for you some of the best software to use in order to obtain smooth guitar sounds.
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download Play Guitar! app Windows 10
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If you are looking to transform your Windows 8, Windows 10 tablet , or desktop device into a guitar player, you should know that there are apps that you can use for that. We have featured below three such apps that we consider to be the best for Windows 8, Windows 10 guitar aficionados.

The guitar is one of the greatest instruments you can play. It allows anyone to create great music and to play almost any possible song, but, like most musical instruments, it takes some time to master.

1. Adobe Audition (recommended)

Adobe Audition - Sound voice recorder

Adobe Audition is the best tool for designing sound effects, including a virtual guitar instrument effect. After creating your own artwork of music sound using instruments and vocals, you will have to improve the sound of the audio for a more precise effect. Adobe Audition can be the right choice to craft smooth and textured effects by modifying vocals and drums from the Guitar Suite panel. As well, you have the possibility to improve the sound of the guitar that you already created by optimizing or altering it, in order to achieve high-quality audio.

Moreover, there are a lot of features to be applied for having an enhanced editing option for the virtual instruments like guitar, so you are free to create a tighter sound effect or to reduce dynamic mixture in the Compressor tab. As well, the guitar sound can be improved by applying filters, modelers, and by using Distortion features for the professional and expressive performance of the artist. You will be able to filter frequency, set the resonance, to amplify, and to mix the audio.

Adobe Audition will ease the overall process of mixing and editing audio, as it allows you to work on more layers and effects at the same time, especially if you use more instruments and want to improve aspects of the vocal in the audio file.

Besides editing sound effects, Adobe Audition goes to another level by giving you the option to record and mix podcasts, to remix the songs effortlessly and automatically, and to fix audio files with the help of frequency display and Diagnostics features.

Get Adobe Audition free

2. Download the Play Guitar! app

play guitar! windows 10 app

With the Play Guitar! app for Windows 8, you can practice playing in a virtual environment, when you can’t pick up the real thing. The Play Guitar! app for Windows 8 is an awesome way to learn a few chords also, so you can give it a try if you are only now starting to learn to play guitar. The app is in a sense similar to Piano8, which we reviewed a while back, and if you liked that one, then you cannot like Play Guitar!

Play Guitar! for Windows 10, Windows 8 – Learn to play or just have fun

This freely downloadable app can be found in the Windows 8, Windows 10 Store and it can be a great way to learn the basic chords, which is the first step if you want to learn how to play guitar. The app is very similar to the Android guitar app that so many loved, and therefore, I think that those who have moved to Windows 10, Windows 8 will like just the same.

The app itself is fairly simple, as it opens straight to the “playing area”, where users can simply start clicking or tapping the cords to create sounds (I won’t say music, as it is pretty awkward to play on it with a mouse, but with a touch interface, it can be done).

The fact that the guitar itself has very nice graphics and it looks awesome also adds to the app’s quality. The decision of the developer to not add any ads within the app is great, as it allows the user to focus on the music and not on avoiding to click ads.

rock-guitar-windows-8-app-electric-guitar (2)

The user has two possibilities to use the app:

  • Free Play – where you can play just by clicking or tapping to the cords
  • Chord Play – where users can drag and drop different chords in the special box that appears on the bottom of the screen

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In Chord Play, you can also see where you have to press in order to create the specific sound of each chord. This can be a great way to memorize them before moving to a real guitar, or for practicing.

The guitar that is used in this app is an acoustic guitar, but if you want to learn how to play an electric guitar, there is a specialized app for that as well. Just click on the Other Apps button and you will see the Rock Guitar! download button (I will add a download button as well, at the end of this article).

The Rock Guitar! app for Windows 10, Windows 8  has the same interface as Play Guitar!, with the same buttons and features. This makes it very easy to use by anyone. Also, the sensitivity of both apps is awesome, so you won’t ruin your song by pressing multiple cords at once. I salute the developer of these two apps for a fantastic job!

Both Play Guitar! and Rock Guitar! are awesome apps that should not miss from the device of anyone who likes this amazing musical instrument. The apps are both very simple, the sound is great and the difference between the chords is audible (unlike in other apps).

⇒ Download Play Guitar! for Windows 10, Windows 8

⇒ Download Rock Guitar! for Windows 10, Windows 8

Play Guitar!’s developer recently updated the app adding a series of interesting new features, such as virtual guitar support, a new chord viewer, and chord editor.

The app received mostly positive reviews and many users confirmed that using it feels like using a real guitar:

It’s so easy to use. I can pluck or strum. I can use a capo. I can even flip the guitar so it feels like I’m actually holding it as if I were playing! I love it!

Virtual Guitar Apps FAQ:

  • What is a guitar plugin?

Guitar plugins are sound plugins that provide digital sound analysis in order to obtain the realistic sound of the original hardware. These plugins are also classified as Virtual Studio Technology (VST).

  • What is a guitar VST?

It is a feature that allows you to create realistic sound effects of a guitar by using virtual instruments software (VST).

  • How can I play guitar through my computer?

You can connect your guitar to your computer by using the cable of the instrument and the device’s USB port.


Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in May 2018 and has been since updated for freshness, and accuracy.

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