How to Play Zelda: Ocarina of Time on Your PC

This port will allow you to play the classic game on your PC

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Key notes

  • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is a classic game that has been ported to many consoles.
  • It has been re-released multiple times, but there's no easy way to play it on your PC.
  • The good news is that there are some ways to play Ocarina of Time on your computer, including getting an emulator.

Want to experience some classic games? You can play old games on Windows 11, and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is the perfect match. Numerous challenges have been precariously linked to this game. Arguably the most challenging one is how to play it on your PC.

It’s one of the most beloved games in Nintendo’s history, so it’s no surprise even the newer generation wants in on the fun. If you’ve ever wanted to play this game on your PC, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we show you how to get and play it on your PC.

Where can I play The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on PC?

You’re probably wondering why this is even a question. In this day and age, almost every game can be played on a PC, especially with technological advancements and gaming consoles at your disposal.

Well, you’re not wrong to think that. But some are not as straightforward as clicking the launcher file and getting to playing. 

Some games require extra effort to get them to play on your PC. And if you should go through all that is required to play, it should be worth it. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is one of those games users will go to extreme lengths to play.

The game was originally released in 1998, so it’s not a new one. However, it’s still enjoyable and well worth playing today. If you’re looking for classic gaming nostalgia or want to check out one of the best games ever made, this is it.

So where can you play it? The answer is simple. On your computer, obviously! But there are some things you need to know before starting your adventure.

Since its release, Zelda has been predominantly locked to Nintendo, which forced other users to look for alternatives. Below, we show you how to bypass these restrictions.

Is there a way to play Zelda Ocarina of Time?

Yes, but before you can start playing, you will need the following:


You need a copy of the game, and you’ll need to get it legally. The game is no longer in production, and Nintendo has taken steps to prevent people from playing it on their computers. A ROM is a copy of a game cartridge.

It’s an exact bit-for-bit duplicate of the original game. The only difference is that instead of being stored on a physical cartridge, it’s stored in digital form on your computer. It may cost you a few bucks, but if you’re dedicated, you can’t put a price on a classic game.

You can also find ROMs on torrent sites but be careful. A lot of these ROMs are fake or hacked versions of the game that make it easy to cheat or otherwise ruin your experience.


Emulators are programs that allow users to run software designed for another platform on a computer or mobile device. In this case, the emulator will allow users to run the original version of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on their computers.

These are much easier to come by, and you can check out our recommended list of the best all-in-one emulators. The downside to using emulators, especially for older games, is that they can be quite unreliable and buggy.

For this article, we will use a port: The Ship of Harkinian. This is an unofficial fan-made remake of Ocarina of Time that runs natively on Windows. It includes many improvements over the original game, including high-resolution textures and better controls.

How can I play Zelda Ocarina of Time?

Now that you’re all set proceed with the following steps:

  1. Navigate to your browser and download the Ship of Harkinian.
  2. Once the download is complete, unzip the file, then open OTRGui.
  3. Next, click on Open OoT Rom, then select Single Thread, where you will be able to select your Ocarina of Time ROM.
  4. Your system will create an archive file for the ROM.
  5. Once done, click soh.exe and start playing.

While more advanced emulator options exist, ready to play these games with all the visual bells and whistles, it’s hard to beat a classic in its purest form. Ship of Harkinian has proved so far to deliver some visual improvements compared to other emulators.

The resolution is top-notch, and the widescreen support is a much-welcomed improvement. Now, all fans are waiting on is a higher FPS, and from the look of things, it doesn’t seem far off.

After all is said and done, the most important thing to take away from this article is that playing Zelda: Ocarina of Time on your PC is a lot of fun.

It’s easily one of the best games ever made, so it’s well worth playing regardless. If you haven’t played it before, you owe it to yourself to set aside an evening and try out this classic gem.

This is not where it ends. We also have another interesting article on how to play Zelda: Breath of the Wild on your PC, so check that out too.

Have you played Zelda: Ocarina of Time on your PC? What was the experience like? Let us know in the comments below.

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