Power BI Desktop won’t sign in: 5 fixes to quickly fix the issue

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Power BI Desktop won't sign in
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Power BI Desktop is Windows software with which users can set up interactive reports and visualizations for data. However, sometimes users can’t sign in to the Power BI Desktop software.

When users can’t log in, the We don’t recognize this user ID (or Unable to sign in) error message might pop up.

Why can’t I log into Power BI?

1. Double-check the Login Details

First, double-check that you’re entering the right login details. Then carefully enter the login text.

In addition, make sure that Caps Lock isn’t on when entering the text.

Caps Lock Power BI Desktop won't sign in

2. Reset Power BI Login

The most obvious way to fix most log in errors is to reset the login details. Users can request a password reset for Power BI at BI’s account recovery page.

There enter a Power BI user ID and click Next to reset the login.

BI's account reset pagePower BI Desktop won't sign in

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3. Try Logging in to the Power BI Service

Alternatively, users can try logging in to the Power BI service in the browser. Open the login page for Power BI service to log in from there. If users can still log in to the BI service, they can then change the password from there.

Thereafter, sign out and sign back in again to BI service and desktop software with the new login details.

Power BI service's sign in page Power BI Desktop won't sign in

If you’re having issues logging in to Power Bi, we advise to try UR Browser for this purpose.

UR Browser is quite similar to Chrome, but it has several unique features. The browser is privacy-oriented, so it has tracking protection, phishing protection, advanced Incognito Mode, and built-in VPN.

In addition, there’s a built-in malware scanner, privacy-oriented search engines, and many other great features that will make your online experience more secure.

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4. Update Power BI to Latest Version

  1. Some users have confirmed that they’ve fixed Power BI login issues by installing the latest version of the software. To do that, uninstall the current version first by pressing the Windows key + R, entering ‘appwiz.cpl’ in Run, and clicking the OK button.The Control Panel uninstaller Power BI Desktop won't sign in
  2. Select the Power BI Desktop software.
  3. Click the Uninstall button.
  4. Then click Yes to confirm the selected option.
  5. Restart Windows before reinstalling the latest Power BI version.
  6. Next, open the Power BI website and click Advanced download options to open the page shown directly below.
    Power BI Desktop's download page Power BI Desktop won't sign in
  7. Thereafter, click Download on that page.
  8. Then select either PBIDesktop.msi (32-bit installer) or PBIDesktop_x64.msi (64-bit installer). The correct installer is the one that matches your 32 or 64-bit system architecture.
  9. Press the Next button.
  10. Thereafter, open the Power BI installer to add the software to Windows.

5. Whitelist Domains

Power BI Desktop Power BI Desktop won't sign in

If a “Sign in failed because your network required proxy authentication” error message pops up, a proxy authentication network server is probably blocking Power BI Desktop’s web requests. In such circumstances, users will need to contact network administrators to fix the login error. Ask the administrator to whitelist the following domains:

  • app.powerbi.com
  • pi.powerbi.com
  • domains in the *.analysis.windows.net namespace

Those are a few resolutions that might fix Power BI Desktop user log in errors. For further fixes, users can file support tickets by clicking the Create Support Ticket button on Power BI’s Support page.


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