Windows 10 build 19592 updates file indexing logic

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  • Build 19592 enhances Your Windows Search experience, with improved file indexing logic
  • The update fixes multiple issues, from Windows 10 update failure to corruption repair
  • This article is part of our broad coverage of Windows 10 Insider Preview Build releases to the Fast ring
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The Windows Insider Program has released the first preview build with its new lead, Amanda Langowski, in charge.

Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 19592 is now live in the Fast ring. It introduces a whole bunch of enhancements and fixes for beta testers to explore.

Updates to the Windows 10 Indexer

Build 19592 comes with only a single general improvement, which relates to the way the Windows Search Platform works. According the build’s release notes, one objective of the update is to improve the logic behind file indexing.

The Windows Search Platform (Indexer) has been updated with improved logic to help find better times to perform indexing of your files and avoiding heavily indexing while you are using your machine.

Indexing runs in the background as you use your computer, except for when you are executing it for the first time.

The updated Indexer will now be finding an optimal time to index files, ensuring that the process does not consume unnecessarily high proportions of CPU resources.

Also with the update, the Indexer will not be paying a lot of attention to content that does not affect your search experience.

Hopefully, these improvements will make your Windows 10 searches a lot faster.

Fast ring insiders will also be testing multiple fixes that build 19592 introduces. These include:

ARM devices bugcheck

According to Microsoft, some ARM devices would get a bugcheck in the middle of an upgrade. Such glitches, especially the Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) error, are common when trying to update Windows 10 on an incompatible device.

This update fixes that problem. Microsoft has also lifted the block on this build. That means insiders using ARM devices can upgrade without a problem.

Corruption repair

From now, affected Windows 10 machines can be running corruption repair (DISM) to completion. The process will no longer be stalling at 84.9%.

Update, Shutdown, and Restart

Updating Windows 10 never ended well for some insiders.

After a successful installation and rebooting their PCs, they would still see Update and Shutdown and Update and Restart on the Start Menu. The issue is no more, thanks to build 19592.

Error code 0x80070003

Windows 10 updates would fail for some Fast ring insiders. They would get error 0x80070003 instead. The latest preview build has fixed the issue.

Settings crashing

This build resolves an issue that would cause Settings to crash when you paused updates.

Black Window

The update solves the problem of a dark Window coming up while the user is sharing an app in Microsoft Teams.

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