Blue Screen of Death

BSOD error windows 10

What is the Blue Screen of Death

The reason you are here, is that you’re probably facing an annoying BSOD error. BSoDs affect all Windows operating systems and fixing them is quite a difficult task that requires a lot of patience.

The Blue Screen of Death (BSOD), also known as a STOP Error, Deadscreen, Blue Screen Error, Bluescreen, or bug check, is an error code on a blue background that appears on your computer screen when the system encountered a critical error that causes the system to crash.

Frequently Asked Questions on BSOD errors

Can Blue Screen of Death be caused by overheating?

If you computer overheats, the chances of getting the infamous BSOD error increase exponentially. When your CPU overheats, the work load is suddenly interrupted and this leads to system crashes with BSOD errors.

Can Blue Screen of Death fix itself? 

Your computer cannot fix itself after a BSOD error. You need to restart your device in order to fix Blue Screen of Death crashes. As a matter of fact, most BSOD error messages will ask you to restart your computer so as to fix the error or launch any troubleshooting actions.

Can dust cause Blue Screen of Death? 

Dust specks might trigger BSOD errors, especially if those dust particles interrupt the connection between various system components. For safety reasons, we recommend having a specialist clean the dust from your computer so as to avoid repositioning the RAM slots by mistake.

Does Blue Screen of Death mean I need a new computer? 

If your computer often crashes with a BSOD error code, this doesn’t mean you need to buy a new device. This simply indicates there is something wrong with your system files or hardware configuration but you can fix these problems by refreshing your Registry, scanning your computer for malware and virus infections and making sure there are no hardware compatibility issues or faulty hardware components.

Troubleshoot BSOD errors

We’ve covered extensively the subject of BSOD error codes and we published a plethora of guides on how to fix specific BSOD issues. Some BSOD errors occur quite rarely, while others such as the Kernel Security Check Failure error occur quite frequently.

If you’re encountering a particular BSOD error, check out our wide collection of guides. We’re sure you’ll find the right solution to fix your computer.

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