10 Best Privacy Extensions For Firefox That Are Safe To Use

Find the greatest extensions for enhanced privacy and security

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  • Privacy extensions for Firefox can protect you against malware, web trackers, and phishing websites by automatically blocking access.
  • From privacy badgers to auto-cookie deleter, you can find an array of security extensions for Firefox.
  • All-in-one extensions with an encrypted password manager, ad, and web tracker block are useful if you don’t want to have too many extensions doing the same job.
  • Explore the list below to find the best Firefox privacy extensions to protect your data from web trackers and clickjacking.
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From malware to spyware to web trackers, all of these entities can be a potential threat. While you can use antivirus software to protect your PC offline, online threats have become a challenge, and this is where the best privacy extensions for Firefox come into the picture.

Fortunately, with the right privacy extensions for Firefox, you can protect your sensitive information from malicious websites.

Similar to Google Chrome, Firefox also offers plenty of third-party extensions to protect you from online trackers and unwanted advertisements such as misleading banners and pop-up ads.

In this article, we take a look at the best Firefox security extensions to install today.

Quick Tip:

Opera One can help by protecting you and your data and allowing you to browse privately and securely without having to depend on third-party extensions.

Opera One browser offers privacy features such as an ad blocker to help you prevent clicking on suspicious ads and save bandwidth data, a tracker blocker for online trackers like analytic scripts, and a free VPN to protect your data on public Wi-Fi networks.

Opera One

Protect your privacy online without any extra extensions, by using the built-in VPN service.

How good is Firefox for privacy?

Firefox is one of the best browsers for privacy, and you can always enhance the security and privacy measures by installing extensions. But even without these, things should function smoothly.

Firefox offers tracking protection, an HTTPS-only mode where connections to secure websites are only permitted, blocks dangerous downloads, and a feature to prevent unauthorized access to your account.

Can I trust Firefox extensions?

You should not blindly trust the extensions, even the ones downloaded from the Add-Ons store. Always verify the permissions to be granted and the data an extension could read.

Every extension submitted on Firefox goes through a series of checks to verify its integrity and safety. But that too doesn’t guarantee 100% security, as quoted by Firefox.

So, we recommend being cautious before installing an extension, doing thorough research on it, and checking what others users have to say.

Is there a VPN extension for Firefox?

Yes, there are several VPN extensions for Firefox, both free and paid. Though in the free version, you wouldn’t have access to as many servers, and the functionality would be limited.

Here are some of the VPN extensions for Firefox:

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Now, that you have a basic understanding of extensions in Firefox, let’s see the best ones for privacy.

What are the best privacy extensions for Firefox?

DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials – Say no to tracking

privacy extension for Firefox

DuckDuckGo is popular for its privacy-focused search engine that, unlike the traditional SE’s, does not track your searches.

The Privacy Essentials is an add-on to make online browsing secure as it allows you to take control of your personal information. 

DuckDuckGo comes with features like a tracker blocker, built-in encryption, private search supported by DuckDuckGo, and built-in GPC to invoke your legal privacy rights, which tells websites not to sell or share your personal data by default.

Get DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials

Ghostery – Offers the best ad blocker

privacy extension for Firefox

Ghostery is one of the best privacy add-ons for Firefox. The extension has been designed to offer all the goodies of popular privacy extensions in one place.

It comes with enhanced ad blocking that works with anti-tracking technology to block ads that may slip through the ad blocker.

Ghostery can also improve the page loading speed by preventing the page from loading unnecessary media in the form of videos and ads.

You can view and customize the privacy filter to block the tracker on the website you browse and customize your display with the multiple insights dashboard.

Get Ghostery

Blur – For enhanced online privacy 

privacy extension for Firefox

If you want an all-in-one extension with privacy settings, password management, and generation capabilities, Blur is an excellent choice.

It allows you to create strong encrypted passwords, save, encrypt and organize your password with auto-login, works with iPhone, iPad, and browser, and supports touch ID and other login features.

The secure payment options allow you to shop online without giving out your credit card information to the merchant. It also offers other usual privacy protection features, including a web tracker and ad blocker, and privacy filters.

⇒ Get Blur

Facebook Container – Stops Facebook from tracking activity

privacy extension for Firefox

Like most tech giants, Facebook relies on user data for targeted advertising. Even if you are not using Facebook, it can track your visit to other websites through cookies.

The Facebook Container extension for Firefox prevents Facebook from tracking you around the web. You can take control and isolate your web activity from the big blue tech giant.

Get Facebook Container

uBlock Origin – More than simply an ad blocker

Security add-ons for Mozilla Firefox

uBlock Origin is a popular ad-blocker extension available for almost all major browser platforms, including Firefox.

This extension can block all of the intrusive ads through its filters by default. Furthermore, you can customize the filters to adjust the effectiveness according to your preference.

uBlock Origin can protect you against EasyList ads, malware domains, and trackers, and offers customization to work with Fanboy’s enhanced tracking list, Dan Pollock’s HOSTS file, MVPS Hosts, Spam404, and many more.

Get uBlock Origin

Private Bookmarks – To password protect your bookmarks

Security add-ons for Mozilla Firefox

If you don’t want everyone accessing your PC and peeping into your bookmarks, Private Bookmarks offers a special password-protected bookmark folder.

It encrypts the private bookmarks with a password chosen by the user. Since the extension works offline, you have complete control over the data.

Get Private Bookmarks

Avast Online Security – For all-round protection

Security add-ons for Mozilla Firefox

Avast Online Security is a browser security and web reputation extension. It is one of the best privacy plugins for Firefox.

It uses the crowdsourced web reputation rating to offer protection against known phishing and malware sites to improve your browsing experience.

The extension’s notable features include blocking phishing sites, website ranking by users, and blocking tracking cookies.

Get Avast Online Security

NoScript Security Suite – Eliminates threats like no other

privacy extensions Firefox

NoScript Security Suite is a simple Firefox extension that allows you to run specious and potentially malicious web content from your trust sites.

It helps mitigate XSS and other web security exploits executed remotely. 

NoScript Security Suite protects your trust boundaries against cross-zone DNS rebinding / CSRF attacks, clickjacking attempts, and more.

Get NoScript Security Suite

Privacy Badger – To automatically block trackers

Security add-ons for Mozilla Firefox

Privacy Badger saves the user hassle of blocking individual sites manually as it can learn and block invisible trackers automatically.

Based on the tracker behaviors, it decides what to block without requiring any input from the user.

It also sends a GPC signal to opt you out of data sharing and selling and a DNT signal to tell companies not to track your movement across the internet.

Get Privacy Badger

privacy extension for Firefox

Firefox, like other modern browsers, offers an option to clear cookies. However, clearing cookies may feel like a laborious process for those who have to clear their cookies every few hours.

Cookie AutoDelete inspired by the Self Destructing Cookies, deletes any cookie not being used when you close the tab automatically. You can whitelist the ones you trust, and the rest will be deleted.

Get Cookie AutoDelete

How do I maximize privacy in Firefox?

Firefox offers a plethora of features aimed at enhancing privacy and security for the user. You can switch to Strict tracking protection for a safer browsing experience.

Besides, configuring Firefox to never remember the browsing history can be a handy privacy measure, though you won’t be able to check the webpages accessed earlier.

And, do not forget to regularly clear the browsing data. This not only prevents your activity from being tracked but also reduces the possibility of encountering several errors.

Whether you are a privacy enthusiast who chose Firefox for its Privacy features or a regular user, protecting yourself and your data should be a priority.

By installing the best privacy extensions for Firefox, users can protect against Malware, web trackers, and browser-based security threats.

Also, discover the best free VPN extensions in Firefox.

Explore the list and let us know your favorite Firefox privacy extension in the comments below.

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