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4 ways to fix Projector focus issues

While the projectors allow the users to view their favorite flick on a large screen, things can get messy if the projector goes out of focus. While you can use the controls on the projector to set the focus, at times it may not work. Several users have reported projector won’t focus issue with their projector when connected to their Windows computer as reported in the Reddit Community.

I just bought a brand new Optoma HD26 and mounted it on my ceiling. As I started setting everything up I noticed that I could never get the entire image in perfect focus.

Follow the steps listed in this article to fix the projector focus issues.

How can I make my projector clearer?

1. Check the Room Conditions

projector won't focus

  1. One of the reasons why your projector is failing to find the right focus could be because of the room you are using the projector in.
  2. Make sure you don’t leave any shades open that is letting the outdoor lights in.
  3. Also, turn off any lights in the room that can interfere with the projector and make the image look blurry.

2. Check and Clean the Lens

projector won't focus

  1. Another common reason that can cause the projector to go out of focus is the dirty or defective project lenses.
  2. Try to adjust the focus using the adjustment ring, swiveling back and forth until you find the perfect focus.
  3. If that did not help, remove the lenses carefully and use a clean cloth to clean any dirt in the lenses.
  4. Make sure to clean it gently so that you don’t scratch the lens which will create more issues.
  5. Also, check the lens for any scratches. If there are any scratches, you mostly need to replace the lens to fix the focus issues.

Not sure whether you connected your projector properly? We’ve got the quick guide for you.

3. Check Cables and Screen Resolution

projector won't focus

  1. Begin with checking if the cables that are used to connect the projector to the source device is working properly. It is always recommended to use the Projector and the source device with close proximity (less than 10 feet) to avoid any distortion.
  2. For the screen resolution, make sure you match the video projection resolution to the native output of the projector to avoid any distortion.

4. Other Solutions to try

projector won't focus

  1. Position the projector close enough to the screen.
  2. Check the projection angle and make sure you compensate for the uneven surface for best image quality.
  3. Turn on automatic keystone adjustment from the Projector’s menus to get the best result.
  4. When the projector is connected to a computer, use the Auto button on the remote control to automatically adjust the sync and tracking.


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