Razer introduces zGold and zSilver currencies to stimulate competitive gaming

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Razer recently introduced a new cyber-currency to the world of gaming in the form of zGold and zSilver. Razer’s new initiative is an attempt to create rewards for customers as well as ways they can earn cool things by using Razer products and services.

There are already multiple games that support the new currency. Those who play games like Paladins or Smite will be able to rack up some Razer rewards by earning players zSilver, while zGold can be obtained through real money. zSilver can also be obtained by spending zGold. There are multiple ways in which zGold can be spent, including micro-transactions in games. By taking part in Razer’s competitive Arena, players can earn more zSilver, too

Razer is confident in the new project

Min-Liang Tan, head of Razer, also made a statement referring to the newly introduced system and cyber-currency:

The concept of everyday gamers getting paid to play has never been done by a hardware brand in the gaming industry. Gamers may reap the benefits of a rewards system simply by doing things they’re already doing.

The world of gaming is the ultimate even playing field, representing every kind of person in the world. We are excited about helping good people to get Razer products wherever they are, whatever their situations, and regardless of what game they’re playing, as long as they are gamers.

Competitive gaming is more promising than ever

It seems that Razer is focusing on games that are actively seen and played within a competitive scene such as MOBA like League of Legends and Dota 2 along with Overwatch and Counterstrike: Global Offensive. It is also worth noting that players must be using the Razer Cortex platform to accrue these new currencies

The rewards for competing and playing these games will earn zSilver towards redeeming awesome prizes that don’t cost any real money. There are a lot of things that can be bought with the earned zSilver, including keyboards, mice, headsets and other devices.



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