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Aleksandar Ognjanovic
by Aleksandar Ognjanovic
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software to record fm radio

Due to large popularity of music streaming services like Spotify or YouTube, online FM radios lost their initial value.

However, that doesn’t mean that FM radios are not listened to. There are so many various radio stations streaming music for every taste and what’s a better way to hear something fresh than on your favorite FM radio. And, once you hear it — to record it and save it for the purpose of an offline pleasure.

Since that randomizing factor radio brings to the table can’t be replaced that easily and there are so many songs you want to keep, we prepared a list of tools that, with a little tweaking, will enable you to record any given track that’s currently playing. That way, you should be ready to capture any contagious tune without a problem.

So, if you’re into radio but still willing to record a song or two, make sure to check the software we presented below.

Best free programs for recording audio from online FM radio

  1. Wondershare
  2. RadioSure
  3. Nexus Radio

1. Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder (recommended)

Wondarshare has its share in various multimedia categories with a large variety of premium tools. They are indeed pricey, but, in return, you get everything you need with premium support and remarkable design.

One Wondershare’s tool that fits nicely on our list is called Streaming Audio Recorder. As the name itself says, this nifty application is used for recording any streaming audio, including FM radio streaming.

software to record fm radio

These are the main features of Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder:

  • Audio recording from any audio streaming source. Videos included.
  • Tracks tagger that automatically updates metadata.
  • Intuitive and simple-to-use interface design.
  • Advisement removal.
  • Ringtone maker.
  • Various output formats and bitrate options.

When it comes to recording, just open the program and click on the Record button. Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder will work its magic, and voila, you got yourself a new song in the dedicated library.

Too bad that the Trial period is quite limited and you’ll need a $29 in order to use the full potential of Streaming Audio Recorder.

–  Get now Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder

2. RadioSure

RadioSure is a quite simple tool on the first glimpse, but there’s hardly any other similar application that matches its feature-rich demeanor hidden behind the simplified interface.

It looks like a simplistic extension of any given multimedia player that enables you to listen to an FM radio. But, besides the immensely large base of radio stations, RadioSure will let you record anything that’s currently playing so you can save it to your to record fm radio

Here’s what you’ll be getting, feature-wise if you decide to try it out:

  • Can be installed as a portable app, so it won’t meddle with your registry.
  • More than 33.000 international radio stations covering basically every genre out there.
  • You can sort an abundance of radio stations alphabetically, by country, genre, or language.
  • You can choose between various streaming sources for a certain radio station.
  • Names of currently playing songs.
  • Recording with choices of bitrate, fade – in and fade-out after each track, and automatical split between the tracks.
  • A large variety of applicable skins you can download from the official site.
  • Global hotkeys support.

Now, we’ll focus on the recording. It’s as simple as they come. You run the program, navigate to Settings and configure recording options to your liking. Then just look up for the station of choice and click the Record button in the bottom-left corner. Simple as that. RadioSure is a freemium program, so there’s also the Pro version up for grabs with even more features.

You can download the RadioSure application by clicking on this link.

3. Nexus Radio

Now we finally come to a sweet spot on this list. And that spot is reserved for none other than widely-known Nexus Radio. One of the best, if not the best FM radio application available for free.

Imagine an FM radio player that can do it all, with more than 30.000 stations divided into 38 music genres. Add more features to that sheer presence of stations, and of course, the recording option, too, and we found ourselves the right tool for the job.

software to record fm radio

Here’s the list of most notable features Nexus Radio offers:

  • Full-featured Winamp-like media player
  • Dynamic stream recorder with auto file naming features and recording schedule.
  • Downloadable visualizations.
  • Audio editor.
  • Audio streaming recording with a single click
  • Support for various plugins.
  • 30.000+ radios stations covering 38 music genres.
  • Frequent updates that address bugs and add more features.

And all of that packed in a modern UI gives the impression of well-produced freeware application. Recording-wise, you should easily configure everything you need in no more than 2 minutes. After that, the only thing left is to select the station of choice and click on that Record button.

You can download Nexus Radio for free by following this link.

With that, we can conclude our list. There are plenty other similar programs, but we decided to pick the ones we tried and can suggest objectively. You can try them out and find out which suits you the best.

Finally, don’t forget to share with us your experience regarding the stations we presented. You can do so in the comments section below.