Track Your Reddit Feed on Windows 8, Windows 10 With Redditopia

by Milan Stanojevic
Milan Stanojevic
Milan Stanojevic
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Windows 10 With Redditopia
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There are many users of Windows 8, Windows 10 that want a official app for their favorite news website: Reddit, where they can find the latest headlines, pictures all other interesting content gathered from the Web. However, due to the lack of an official Reddit app, users had to make due with third party apps.

Redditopia is one such app that promises to offer users a great Reddit experience, complete with all the content and the features that they are accustomed to from the website. After looking for a decent Reddit app, we found that Redditopia comes pretty close to the real deal.

Redditopia brings Reddit to Windows 10, Windows 8

Redditopia-brings-reddit-to-windows-8-app (5)

This free app is available in the Windows Store for anyone to download, and if you are a regular user of Reddit, then you can log in to your account and you can use it just like you would the web interface. The app itself is lightweight and it loads very fast, giving all the headlines in a few seconds.

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Redditopia for Windows 10, Windows 8 allows users to browse the Reddit stream easily, via the simple user interface that groups the items just like you would see in the top menu bar from the website. When they see a interesting article, users can open it and the webpage of the article will be opened in a window within the app, and on the left side, they can see a list of the other articles in that category.

Redditopia-windows-8-reddit-app (6)

There are also some other features that Redditopia for Windows 10, Windows 8 provides, such as two different views, apart from the regular view:

  • Tablet –  which allows users to see the article on almost the entire screen, with a information and navigation bar at the top of the screen
  • Fullscreen – The article is showed in a full screen view with no other buttons or features except the “Exit Full Screen” button in the upper left corner

Other features of the app include subscribe to the current category you are browsing, save post, which lets users save different articles for reading later, toggle comments, for those who want to read or leave comments to different posts, refresh post and open in IE, which will open the article in Desktop Mode with the default browser.

Redditopia-windows-8-reddit-app (7)

In terms of customization, the app has five themes, so users can select which color they find the most relaxing. Apart from this, there are no other customization options, but for a news app, you don’t need to many of these anyway.

The app also allows video playback, where users can watch news in full screen view, and by double clicking / tapping, they can change the video quality (if the video has more than one quality level).


As you can see, there are lots of great features that are offered by Redditopia for Windows 10, Windows 8, and regular Reddit users that work on Windows 10, Windows 8 will definitely find this app more than adequate for their needs. After testing the app, I found it very intuitive and fast, and as a Reddit user, I will definitely use it in the future.

Download Redditopia for Windows 10, Windows 8