Fix Remote Desktop error 0x104 on Windows 10 in a few steps

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  • Working remotely is pain free for most Windows 10 users, but some of them will always encounter issues.
  • To work around Remote Desktop error 0x104, check if port 3389 is open in your firewall or make sure all computers use the same network profile type.
  • Since you’re here, take a closer look at the best remote control software tools you may use to keep the workflow going.
  • Next time your encounter Remote Desktop error 0x104, you’ll know how to solve this common issue. However, you may soon encounter similar problems, so bookmark our detailed Windows 10 errors hub for more useful fixes.
Remote Desktop error 0x104 on Windows 10

A number of users have reported seeing the Remote Desktop error 0x104 on Windows 10. In some cases, the connection works only when both of the computers are very close to each other.

This can be an extremely frustrating problem, as many people around the world need to access their work servers remotely and they use this feature to collect or access data from the company they work at.

In some other cases, users that have tried connecting to their remote servers have also observed their Internet connection fails.

Because of all these reasons, in this article, we will explore some of the best methods to follow in order to fix this issue.

How can I fix Remote Desktop error 0x104 on my PC?

1. Check if port 3389 is open in your firewall

Note: Port 3389 needs to be open on both PCs that are using the Remote Desktop. In order to protect your PC from malicious users, be sure to open port 3389 only internally.

  1. Click Cortana search box and type -> Remote settings.remote settings - remote desktop error 0x104
  2. Inside the System window -> click on Remote Settings.
  3. Select the Remote tab -> tick the box next to Allow remote connections to this computer.
  4. Type Control Panel inside your Cortana search box and open it.
  5. Choose System and security -> select Windows Firewall -> click on Advanced settings.
  6. Inside the Inbound Rules tab -> make sure Remote Assistance (RA Server TCP-In) is enabled.Remote assistance enabled - Remote dekstop error 0x104
  7. Inside Properties make sure port 3389 is open.

2. Check if all computers use the same network profile type

  1. Click on the network icon in your taskbar (near the clock).
  2. Connect to the network of your choosing -> click on Properties.Network properties - Remote desktop error 0x104
  3. From the Settings window -> select either Public or Private for all the PCs.
  4. Try to see if this fixes your issue.

3. Run SFC scan in PowerShell (Admin)

  1. Press Win+X -> select PowerShell (Admin).
  2. Type /sfc scannow and press Enter.Sfc scannow - remote desktop error 0x104
  3. Wait for the process to complete and check if the issue persists.

We would love to know if this guide helped you solve your issue. Please feel free to let us know by using the comment section below.

FAQ: Learn more about Windows 10 desktop errors

  • How do I fix remote desktop connection error?

Checking if all computers use the same network profile type and running an SFC scan are great ways to fix remote desktop connection errors.

Having problems using the SFC tool? Check this useful guide and set things right once again.

  • How do I reset remote desktop connection?

Simply use the reset desktop command to reset the connection. First of all, follow this path Options > Reset Desktop from the menu bar, then right-click the desktop icon.

Select Reset Desktop and use the Reset button to make your wish come true in no time.

  • How can I tell if someone is remotely accessing my computer?

Someone is remotely accessing my computer when you discover programs that seem suspicious, if your mouse is moving without your control or programs and files are being actively controlled by an intruder.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in July 2019 and has been since revamped and updated in April 2020 for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.

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