How to remove the win32/subtab!blnk virus from Windows PCs

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A new virus recently reared its ugly head: win32/subtab!blnk. This malicious software already affects tens of thousands of Windows users and Windows Defender is unable to remove it. More specifically, Microsoft’s built-in antivirus programs detects win32/subtab!blnk, but fails to remove it.

There are various ways this virus can enter your computer: when you install free software, download spam email attachment and so on. Many users also report that the virus gets installed as a fake Adobe update.

Win32/subtab!blnk is extremely dangerous because it can cause various issues: it can redirect your browser to adware and ransomware websites, install other virus programs, change your computer’s settings, block apps and more. Removing the win32/subtab!blnk threat ASAP is essential for your computer’s security.

Win32/subtab!blnk attacks Windows

What can i do to remove this virus? I have done a full scan with Window Defender (wondows 10)… I get at least thirty times the message: “defender detected malware” or something like that. Always the same malware: win32/subtab!blnk… When I remove everithing, automatically  the message appears on the computer again…. It’s a eternal loop…

How to remove win32/subtab!blnk

1. Uninstall all the programs this virus installed on your computer without your permission. For more information on how to uninstall programs on Windows 10, you can check out Microsoft’s support page. Remove any unknown or unwanted programs.

2. Remove all the browser extensions installed by this virus.

3. Scan your computer with MalwareBytes.

4. Fix your registry using CCleaner or the registry cleaner of your choice.

5. Run a full system scan using Windows Defender. If the antivirus still detects win32/subtab!blnk, download and install Roguekiller. This program is an anti-malware able to detect and remove generic malware and advanced threats like rootkits, rogues, worms, controversial programs, as well as possible bad system modifications/corruptions. Also, delete VulcanRT.

Roguekiller was the one program that found anything, deleted what it found.At that time WD came up with a new link in its warning for this which led to a folder/program that I could uninstall (VulcanRT), I can reinstall it later if need be though I think my graphics will be fine without it.  Uninstall successful.

After you remove the virus, consider installing one of these anti-hacking tools to improve computer security.


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