MEMZ virus: what is it and how it affects Windows PC?

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MEMZ is a Trojan that has received much attention from Windows PC users lately, who are intrigued by the vortex images it creates on their computers. To this day, MEMZ still remains an obscure virus for many Windows users, and the chance of getting more information from Microsoft is zero now. The tech giant has locked the forum thread about this virus a few days ago.

MEMZ is a custom-made Trojan that uses highly-complex and unique payloads, which activate in a row. Once a computer is infected, the virus displays a message informing users they won’t be able to use their machines if they restart them.

If you decide to get rid of MEMZ via the Task Manager, your computer will crash on the spot. The final payload is initiated when restarting the computer. You machine won’t be able to run the OS, and will display this message instead: “Your computer has been trashed by the MEMZ Trojan. Now enjoy the Nyan cat…”  After that, the Nyan Cat will take over your computer.

MEMZ’ trademark is the Nyan Cat animation acting as a bootloader. Other payloads include: randomly opening programs and webpages, the mouse cursor is replaced by error icons which invade the screen, and eventually a screen tunnel will take over your display.

There are two versions of MEMZ: one harmless version, which people use for fun, and a malware version which affects the Master Boot Record.

How to remove the MEMZ virus

  • Type the command taskkill /f /im MEMZ.exe in Command Prompt. This kills all the MEMZ processes without crashing the system. The downside is that the Nyan Cat will still appear after your restart your computer.
  • Install Windows using the ISO file.

If you’re curios to see how MEMZ affects your computer, you can watch the video below.



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