Steps to Reset Host File Back to Default in Windows 10

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Reset Host File Default Windows 10

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If you find that your Host file has  changed for some reason, don’t panic, you can easily bring it back to default. And in this article, we’ll show you how to set the default values for your Host file in Windows 10.
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How do I reset my host file to default?

In Windows, the Host file is used to map host names to IP addresses, and it should not be changed. But if you notice any changes in this file, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Open File Explorer and enter the following location:
    • C:WindowsSystem32\drivers\etc
  2. Find Host file, and rename it to host.bak (You may be required to take ownership of the file, first)
  3.  Paste the following text in Notepad:
    • # Copyright (c) 1993-2009 Microsoft Corp.
      # This is a sample HOSTS file used by Microsoft TCP/IP for Windows.
      # This file contains the mappings of IP addresses to host names. Each
      # entry should be kept on an individual line. The IP address should
      # be placed in the first column followed by the corresponding host name.
      # The IP address and the host name should be separated by at least one
      # space.
      # Additionally, comments (such as these) may be inserted on individual
      # lines or following the machine name denoted by a ‘#’ symbol.
      # For example:
      # # source server
      # # x client host
      # localhost name resolution is handle within DNS itself.
      # localhost
      # ::1 localhost
  4. Save it to C:WindowsSystem32driversetc and close the document

Your Host file is now back to its default values, but it’s recommended to create a backup copy of the Host file, so you can easily replace it again, if needed. You can use your old Host file as a backup, and keep it in the Drivers folder, right next to the original.

Resetting your Host file is a very useful solution for fixing connectivity issues on your Windows computer. So, in case your Internet connection is not as stable as it should be, use this method to fix it.

It is worth mentioning that your Host file may sometimes be locked for editing. If this is the case, we’ve got your back. We already compiled a list of solutions for this particular issue and you can check them out in this guide.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please write use the comments section below.


Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in April 2015 and has been since updated for freshness, and accuracy.


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