How to Fix Your Adblock if it’s not Blocking any ads & Pop-ups

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  • If your installed Adblock doesn't block ads, some adware might cause the problem.
  • Using third-party software to remove possible malware is also a great solution.
  • Make sure you try different Adblock extensions for your current browser.
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Many users use extensions to prevent ads from appearing. However, issues can occur and many reported that AdBlock doesn’t block ads.

A great number of users have reported that even though they tried a good number of ad-blockers, they still end up being annoyed by ads while browsing the Internet.

This can be extremely frustrating, especially because you think you tried everything you could to stop those annoying ads from popping up.

Unfortunately, this is somewhat common, and we already wrote about AdBlock not working on Twitch in our previous guides.

For these reasons, in this article, we will discuss what could be the reasons why AdBlock is not working on Chrome, and finally, we will discuss the best way to solve this issue. Read on to find out more.

The following solutions are also useful if you are having these issues:

  • Adblock not blocking ads – This can happen due to configuration issues. Check your extension settings to fix it.
  • Adblock doesn’t block ads anymore – If you adjusted any of the extension settings, you might experience this issue on your PC.
  • Adblock isn’t blocking ads – This can happen if you whitelist a specific website. Fixing this is simple and requires changing a few settings.

Why does my AdBlock not block ads?

If AdBlock isn’t working on your browser, perhaps you don’t have the right block lists enabled. You can fix that by adjusting your settings.

It’s also possible that the issue is caused by your antivirus or malware. Therefore, check your antivirus settings and scan your PC for malware.

Why does AdBlock not work on some websites?

If the issue appears only on some websites, it’s possible that that website is whitelisted in your settings. Navigate to AdBlock settings and make sure that everything is in order.

Many users reported that AdBlock is not blocking ads on YouTube. As previously mentioned, this is caused by your settings.

In case the issue is still there, you might have to add the website manually to the list of blocked web pages.

Is AdBlock Plus better than AdBlock?

Both are quite the same and share many features, such as the same list of blocked ads, and the ability to whitelist websites or block individual elements.

AdBlock has a unique feature that lets you allow ads only on specific YouTube channels, and that can come in handy, but for the most part, both extensions are the same.

However, many users reported that AdBlock Plus is not blocking ads, but there are ways to fix that.

What do I do if Adblock isn’t blocking ads?

1. Use a browser with an inbuilt ad-blocker

If AdBlock is not blocking ads on Twitch, then maybe you should consider switching to a browser. There are many browsers that have a built-in ad-blocker.

One such example is Opera. This web browser uses the Chromium engine, making it very fast and powerful, and it comes with several privacy tools that can help you surf the Internet undisturbed.

These include a VPN and an ad-blocker, both of which are very efficient, and without any limitations.

Opera is a very versatile browser. It comes in multiple versions, each one specialized in something, such as VPN, Gaming, etc. There surely is an Opera browser for everyone.

Besides being a great search engine, the browser also has low bandwidth and has little to no impact on system performance. Other browsers such as Chrome eat up lots of RAM.


Enjoy browsing the Internet without being bothered by pesky ads thanks to this browser that comes with all of the privacy tools you may ever need

2. Make sure the ads that appear are not caused by malware

  1. Download and install ESET Internet Security
  2. Open the ESET software.
  3. From the Dashboard, select Scan Now to start scanning your PC for malware.
  4. After the process is completed, remove any threats that were identified.
  5. Restart your PC, and check to see if the issue is solved.

A lot of times the ads that appear may be caused by malware that’s already on your PC. This is especially true if you see the ads when visiting less secure websites.

To prevent this type of adware and malware threats on your computer’s system, we advise you to confidently detect viruses with ESET Internet Security.

How do I know if AdBlock is working?

Check your extensions, and if you see the red AdBlock icon, it means that it’s enabled. Also, if you notice that ads aren’t appearing on the pages you visit, it means that the AdBlock is working.

Sometimes you need to adjust your settings and disable open to show non-intrusive ads in order to completely disable all ads.

If the AdBlock not blocking pop-ups, it means that it’s not working properly, but you can fix it with the solutions from above.

In this article, we discussed the reasons for which your browser ad-blocker add-ons might now work, and also the solution to this issue.

So if AdBlock is not blocking Facebook ads, be sure to try the solutions that we mentioned in this guide.

If you don’t have any malware on your PC, you can simply download and set Opera as your default browsing software.

This isn’t the only issue, and many reported that Adblock doesn’t work in Crunchyroll, but we covered that issue in a separate guide, so be sure to check it out.

Did you find a different solution to this problem? If so, share it in the comments section with us.

Still having issues? Fix them with this tool:


If the advices above haven't solved your issue, your PC may experience deeper Windows problems. We recommend downloading this PC Repair tool (rated Great on to easily address them. After installation, simply click the Start Scan button and then press on Repair All.

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