Fix: ‘The Rockstar Update Service is Unavailable’ Installing GTA 5 on Windows PC

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Fix: The Rockstar Update Service is Unavailable
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Some customers have been experiencing issues when installing or playing GTA V due to a Windows User Account Name error. Rockstar has published some details on how to work around the issue, so we have decided to help you out in case you didn’t hear about this yet.
The Rockstar Update Service is Unavailable
Apparently, there have been quite a lot of problems for the Windows users who wanted to install GTA 5 on their PCs. And Rockstar has listened to their complaints and tried to solve some of the issues. Here’s what many players have been complaining about:

I am having problems installing or playing GTAV PC. Issues include an error message saying “The Rockstar update service is unavailable (code 1)”, or the game hanging while trying to download the update. How can I fix this?

Following that, many users encountered the issue with different codes:

  • the rockstar update service is unavailable code 202
  • the rockstar update service is unavailable code 217
  • the rockstar update service is unavailable code 210
  • the rockstar update service is unavailable code 207

How to fix “The Rockstar Update Service is Unavailable”

A fellow user on Reddit confirms that he managed to quickly fix this issue by using a reliable VPN. Connecting to the servers might get blocked by some of your settings. Using a good VPN will get you connected easily.

Follow the steps from below to see what Rockstar is instructing us to do. However, you should know that if you created a new Windows account to play before the fix, you will be able to continue playing GTA V on your original Windows account.

Log in to the new account you created, and copy your game data to a folder that can be accessed from both user accounts:

  • Go to the “My DocumentsRockstar Games” and copy the “GTA V” folder.
  • Go to your root directory (e.g. C:) and paste the folder there.
  • Log out of the temporary account, and log back into your original Windows account.
  • Copy your game data into your original account:
  • Go to your root directory (e.g. C:) and copy the “GTA V” folder you posted earlier.
  • Go to the “My Documents” folder
  • If you already have a “Rockstar Games” folder:
  • Click into the “Rockstar Games” folder and paste the “GTA V” folder there.
  • If you do not have a “Rockstar Games” folder:
  • Create a new folder in this directory called “Rockstar Games” (without the quotes).
  • Paste the “GTA V” folder in this new directory.

Go ahead and read Rockstar’s post on this for the rest of the instructions. Sound off below by leaving your comment and let us know if you’re still experiencing problems.

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