5 best rotoscoping software [2021 Guide]

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Top rotoscoping software

Searching for which software is best for rotoscoping will definitely present prospective users with a variety of choices to pick from. But the search can stop here with this list of the 5 best software for rotoscope.

Rotoscoping software is a vfx software used to create an animated version of movie footage showing a person or object in motion.

It involves tracing the object or person frame by frame in creating realistic action using the PC. So, which software is best for rotoscoping these days? Take a look at our top picks.

Which software is best for rotoscoping?

Adobe After Effect CS3

Adobe After Effect CS3

Adobe After Effect CS3 is definitely an industry leader when it concerns 3D visual effects and animation. It comes with so much versatility for producing exceptional motion graphics.

Adobe systems CS3 software makes motion graphics for compositing, tracking, keying, and animation for post-production of movies.

It allows users re-create motion images for different transitions with capabilities to import from Photoshop under the mask.

Users can rotoscope with much speed and precision even with interpolation and alpha channels into animated masks using vector.

Even more, keep in mind that Adobe After Effect CS3 software is compatible with over 300 software and Adobe applications.

Adobe After Effect CS3

Adobe After Effect CS3

There’s nothing you can’t really do with After Effects. Try it now and enjoy amazing results!

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Silhouette FX

get Silhouette Roto software

Silhouette Roto software provides users with a stand-alone application working on the basis of roto spline for visual effects.

The tool contains a layering palette including several splines for creating intriguing paintings and motion pictures.

With Silhouette roto, it’s possible to warp, morph, composite, matte and convert from 2D to 3D animation.

The user gets a Silhouette vfx download for trial or the full version to utilize as a plug-in or a stand-alone app. An example of plug-ins for Silhouette roto is the Apple Final Cut Pro or Adobe After Effects for Windows or Mac.

It works with multiple file formats such as bitmap for exporting, OpenEXR or Cineon for Smoke, inferno, flint, discreet fire, Apple Shake, etc. Silhouettes allow users to create or edit existing spline or add feathering.

Get Silhouette FX

Nuke by Foundry

Nuke by Foundry

Nuke by Foundry is a digital node compositing software tool developed to give users the edge when it comes to motion tracking.

To achieve exceptional post-production for TV programs and motion pictures Nuke, Nuke X, and Nuke Studio come with both trial or full versions.

Do note that Nuke is an advanced vfx software suitable for more experienced users for reviews and editorials.

The Nuke software is compatible with Windows OS, with easy to create, edit, and customizable options. Even more, it requires low hardware or memory space and is very easy to install.

Get Nuke by Foundry


get Fusion

Fusion is one of the most effective software for rotoscoping and has over three decades in the rotoscoping vfx software business.

Developed by Blackmagic Design, the Fusion boasts of several unique features for post-production compositing of images.

Fusion was initially developed by the Eyeon Fusion and Maya Fusion respectively and works perfectly with Windows OS.

The Fusion offers over 40 exceptional new features. They include the Delta Keyer, Planar tracking, camera tracking, virtual reality, studio player, GPU acceleration, planar rotoscoping, clean plate, new formats, etc.

Fusion is arguably one of the best 2D to 3D animation software for motion images.

Get Fusion


get Blender now

When trying to spot which software is best for rotoscoping especially for 3D animation for rotoscoping at reasonable rates then the blender comes in.

Blender avail beginner 3D designers an exceptional graphic user interface for creating and editing for film post-production.

Blender users can shatter objects, create style vfx using anime, electrical effects, customized sculpting brushes for visual effects, or rotoscoping.

It is open-source; free 3D vfx software for video games, 3D printed models, interactive applications, 3D animations, etc.

Developed using C++ and Python makes Blender easy to install. It combines perfectly with other software and operating systems for greater motion graphics rendering.

To identify the best pick in terms of which software is best for rotoscoping it all depends on the user needs, budget and preferences. Rotoscoping involves intricate activities and each software comes with peculiar features suitable for different users.

Therefore, it is necessary to identify one’s need before committing or purchasing a license for vfx download.

A user can start up with the free or trial version to explore before taking the important decision to purchase a full version. Whichever rotoscoping software one settles for, the target should be one that works with much speed and efficiency.

The best rotoscoping software should create precise mattes always without hitches.

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Which one of these rotoscoping software tools is your choice? Let us know by using the comments area below.

The process of rotoscoping has changed with the appearance of computers which now get the results done, although the process is still named after the original device.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • The process of rotoscoping has changed with the appearance of computers which now get the results done, although the process is still named after the original device.

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