5 Best school admission software [2022 Guide]

by Milan Stanojevic
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  • An admission management software will let you control the admission process from enrollment to processing fees
  • Some advanced software will also let you integrate your marketing efforts during the admission
  • Having an antivirus is a prerequisite for any school system
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The way we store and manage information has changed a lot in recent year. Besides the ecological perspective of wasting paper by printing forms, admission papers, school administration is far more efficient when it is performed by utilizing a computer software.

Using specialized software helps you better understand your student recruitment process, it stream-lines data entry, simplifies the managing of personnel, and also keeps you in constant contact with your future students.

In this article, we will explore some of the best software options for schools and universities that will help you better manage your students.

5 software for student admission for better school management

Alma Suite

Alma - school admin

Alma is an amazingly powerful admission and registration software that is designed with a very intuitive user interface that simplifies the process.

Alma is a cloud-based platform that contains a toolbox full of useful features that cover a wide range of uses :

  • Classroom management — remote access/control, report cards, collaboration tools, etc.
  • Gradebook — attendance tracking, class Summary, lesson Planning, etc.
  • School administration — bookstore management, cafeteria management, curriculum management, etc.
  • Student information system — attendance tracking, tests, etc.

In this article, we will focus on the features that facilitate an easy admission process.

You can use the Alma for the management of applications, candidates, evaluations, fees that need to be paid, forms applied, scoring of your students, K-12 (school grades obtained prior to college), and even a self-service portal that allows you to customize your profile and interact with other users.

Alma can even be used by parents that want to make the process of choosing and applying for schools easier. This software takes you through a step by step process that covers the process from inquiry to enrollment and even beyond.

One of the best features of Alma is the student information system. This element allows you to easily track students’ attendance, class registration, manage classrooms, and even assign electronic tasks and tests to your students.

Try Alma Suite


School Admin - school admin software

SchoolAdmin is another great software option that offers customizable CRM (customer relationship management), by easily creating clean-looking records of all the information provided by your possible student in the admission process.

This software provides all the features needed in order for you to simply collect information about each candidate. You can see the information stored in separated profiles that encompass data ranging from interests, who they last spoke with, what did they specifically talk about, and information regarding their process of admission until that point in time.

One of the best features of SchoolAdmin is the Enrollment Management option. This allows you quick access to any information you might need by keeping your workflow organized.

This software offers different tools that allow you to easily manage the enrollment process like – multiple checklists, filterable lists, applicants, enrollment data, etc. If the amount of data your school has is overwhelmingly large, School Admin has a very sophisticated search engine that allows you to customize the search fields.

You can easily send personalized emails created specifically based on your analysis of the candidates, and even share information about the school with interested families by the use of automated communication plans.

Other notable features of SchoolAdmin include:

  • Personalized emails and letter generation — acceptance letters, open house invites, etc.
  • Text messsaging — instant text communication with candidates
  • Dynamic inquiry forms — forms that ask the right questions based on your candidate’s abilities
  • RSVP
  • Smart inquiry checklist — analyzes the profiles of your candidates and offers a suggestion based on the aplicant’s skillset
  • Easy application process — provides parents with quick access to their children’s application
  • Appointment scheduling — lets parents easily apply online, and you can use it to set dates for visits, interviews, test dates, etc.

Try SchoolAdmin


PowerSchool - school admin

PowerSchool is another great school administration software that makes it easy to manage the enrollment process of new students.

By the use of online forms, this tool allows administrators to gather data efficiently and at the same time makes the process of enrollment easier for the parents and students. This feature reduces the costs of administration, and also allows you and your applicants to save time by removing the need to fill forms out by hand.

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Because of PowerSchool’s online features, the entire database of students and student information is protected. For parents and students, easy access to this information is important because keeping this information updated can prevent unwanted situations like medical complications, emergency contacts information, etc.

Other notable features include:

  • Easy registration process and tools that allow you to easily manage the acquired data
  • Simple to use inquiry and application forms
  • Can export standard and custom rapports of your data
  • School choice and lottery features — it simplifies the enrollment management with built-in workflows and user permissions

Try PowerSchool


Azorus - school admin

Azorus is an incredibly powerful CRM software and the company even offers you the possibility to consult them as a standard.

Azorus has a wide range of features like filter engine and segmentation,email communications,event management, self-service web portal, tracking and reporting, sis integration, etc. If you want to see a detailed list of every feature’s ability, visit the Official Azorus Website.

Even though you can do so much more with Azorus,in this article we will focus only on Azorus’s ability to build forms and its digital recruitment features.

The Form Builder included in Azorus is specifically designed to allow easy admission by the use of professional grade web forms. This feature makes it easy for the administrator to collect important information from the student.

You can even choose to see specific information about the student based on the way the applicant interacts with the form. Azorus has the ability to change the form based on what the student clicked or what they have imputed into the online form.

The Digital Recruit feature that can be found in Azorus allows you to collect data offline on your laptop, and then upload easily upload it to your CRM database after the even is finished and you have access to a internet connection. This feature allows you peace of mind regarding the safety of your data, and also makes it far more efficient to collect data.

You can use Digital Recruit with an unlimited number of sessions and on any number of devices. After the data is stored, this feature shows you specific and accurate results of the information gathering process.

One of the most important services offered by Azorus is the assistance you can get from the site’s team. This makes this software one of the best options on the market for the CRM of your school.

Here are some of these services :

  • Helps with managing accounts
  • Allows you to plan communications with yearly review
  • Assistance with email development — welcome emails, , filtering,  etc.
  • Tests to see if the emails received are compliant to common email clients
  • Web and graphic services built into the platform
  • Re-training of older personnel or training of new staff
  • Reviews and assistance regarding form fields, search filters, , links, data imports, event management, reporting, etc.

Try Azorus


ezRecruit - school admin

ezRecruit is another great software option for CRM,even though compared to Azorus it offers a shorter list of features. Even though this is a light weight software option, this tool is specifically designed to help schools, colleges and other educational institutions with the recruitment process of students, and also manage business relationships with the school’s sponsors.

Some of the best features of ezRecruit include:

  • Allows you to focus on the recruitment process without getting lost in files
  • Reduces the marketing costs of your recruitment campaigns
  • Increases your conversion rate by offering clear and concise information
  • Allows you to manage your team efficiently
  • Simple and intuitive user interface – offers you a clear view of the recruitment process
  • Online application management
  • You can choose from using ezRecruit online or as a SaaS (software-as-a-service)

Try ezRecruit


In this article, we explored some of the best school admission software that allows you to stream-line the admission process no matter how many students you might need to process.

You can find a wide range of features that allow you to easily keep in touch with the students and parents applying, keep up with grades in real time, sort the student’s applications in an easy to understand way.

Some software options even allow both students and teachers/admins access to modify personal information like medical records and preferences in built-in questionnaires.

The features that the software in this list cover will surely allow you to cover all the needs of your institution.

We would love to know what software you use for administrating your school admission process. Let us know in the comment section below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • A school management software supports the paperless administration of schools and significantly improves the speed of exchange.

  • The main benefit is the productivity boost caused by the improvement in accuracy and reduction of time to track documents.

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