Best 5 screen suction cups that you can buy

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screen suction cups

A screen suction cup is a tool you can use whenever you are repairing a device that has a screen. It basically acts as a regular suction cup, sticking to a device’s screen.

The suction power is enough to get a good grip on the screen but gentle enough to not damage it. More so, they are usually designed to be easy to use by anyone, not just specialized personnel.

There are plenty of such devices on the market for you to buy, so choosing one that is good can be a bit confusing. That is why we’ve compiled a list of the best ones that you can buy.

What are the best screen suction cups that I can buy?

KISEER Heavy Duty Suction Cups

KISEER Heavy Duty Suction CupsIf you’re looking to repair a device that has a screen, and you want to be gentle yet efficient, then you’ll need a good screen suction cup like the KISEER Heavy Duty Suction Cups.

These suction cups come in packages of two, and they are made from durable material and are extremely easy to use, even if it is your first time trying.


  • The suction cup is made of industrial plastic and thick rubber, durable and not easy to bend
  • Suitable for all electronic screens, glass, metal, and other smooth surfaces
  • The package comes with 2 suction cups


  • The rubber cup is too rigid

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ACENIX Suction Cup

ACENIX Suction CupThe ACENIX Suction Cup is a bit different in design compared to the other screen suction cups, but overall the functionality stays the same.

You still have to press the rubber cup against the screen, and then you need to pull on the handle to remove it. The design that makes it so special is good for all grip types.


  • Can be used to dismantle iPhones and iPads easily
  • High-quality materials
  • Non-slip tough shaft ensures greater comfort and convenience


  • Only one included in the package

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Kaisiking Heavy Duty Suction Cups

Kaisiking Heavy Duty Suction CupsThe Kaisiking Heavy Duty Suction Cups are called that way for good reason. Not only is it capable of generating a large amount of suction force, but it is made of durable materials, allowing them to last you a long time.

More so you get two of these screen suction cups in a package, so if one does break, you’ll have a back-up.


  • Made of durable ABS and natural rubber material
  • Designed for electronic equipment, LCD screens, glass, and smooth surfaces
  • Strong suction power
  • Rubber suction cup with heavy-duty locking handles


  • Feels flimsy sometimes

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Not all screens are suitable for suction cups, but there are alternatives out there. If you need to pry open a telephone screen without damaging it, you could use an ultra-thin prying tool.

COHK Metal Spudger

COHK Metal SpudgerIf you own a device that cannot be opened via suction cup, then you may need a tool like the COHK Metal Spudger. This acts as an ultra-slim crowbar that you can use to pry open devices without scratching them.

Additionally, it is also very flexible, allowing it to mold along with the shape of whatever you want to open.


  • Ultra-thin steel pry tool for opening iPhones, iPads, Samsungs and many more
  • This tough tool nimbly opens modern small electronic casings
  • Professional Tools for replacing batteries, touchscreens, LCDs, covers, hard disks, etc.
  • Springy steel blade features a smart tip design and a handle with a great no-slip grip


  • You need to be very careful when using it

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SHOWPIN 3 in 1 Smartphone Repair Kit

SHOWPIN 3 in 1 Smratphone Repair KitThe SHOWPIN 3 in 1 Smartphone Repair Kit is an interesting entry on our list since it is actually a kit and not just a single product.

It contains a screen suction cup with plier handles, a metal screen pryer, and a screen wiper for you to clean things up after the job is done.

All products are made from good quality materials, and the kit is great at opening any type of device that has a screen attached to it.


  • Kit contains a screen suction cup, a screen prying tool, and a screen wiper
  • Versatile and can be used on all device types
  • Neat screen suction mechanism


  • Suction cups with plier handles may not suit everyone

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Closing thoughts on screen suction cups

Modern devices have a very sensitive screen that you can’t just open like you used to with older phones. Because of their construction, it is easy to bend or even break a screen altogether.

That is why using a more modern method of removing a screen is necessary, even if it does involve using something as simple as a suction cup.

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