What To Do When Security Subscription Expires On Windows 10?

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If you bought Windows 10 PC some time ago you might get a message saying that your antivirus protection or security subscription has expired. Does this mean that your computer is now vulnerable and what should you do in these types of situations?

When you buy a new computer it usually comes with a antivirus software installed, but in most cases the antivirus software is valid for 30 days or more. After that period expires your antivirus software might start working with limited functionality or it might stop downloading security updates until you buy a license. This is when you’ll get messages saying that your security subscription has expired and that your computer is no longer safe.

This can be a problem since you don’t want to leave your computer vulnerable, but fortunately there are two solutions to this problem.

Your Security Subscription Has Expired On Windows 10. What now?

Solution 1 – Renew your antivirus license

Most antivirus software come with a license, and in order to use it you need to buy a license and renew it every year. If you’re pleased with your current antivirus software you could buy a license and continue using it, but remember, you’ll need to renew the license every year in order to keep your computer protected.

If you’re not pleased with your current antivirus software, you can easily purchase license for other antivirus software and use it instead.

Solution 2 – Use a free antivirus software

Some users might argue that free antivirus software isn’t as reliable as the paid software, but if you don’t want to renew your license every year you might want to consider using a free antivirus software. Many famous companies offer both free and paid version of their antivirus software, and even though free versions miss some features, they can still provide decent protection free of charge.

So, what is the better solution? That’s entirely up to you. If you’re ready to spend money every year in order to renew your antivirus software, then go for the paid antivirus. On other hand, if you’re short on money, maybe consider using a reliable free antivirus software instead.


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