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PCs and cell phones are getting more and more connected every year, especially with Windows 10 and its ‘cross compatibility.’ And one of the most common questions people have is how to send text messages from a computer to a cell phone? So, we prepared a couple of ways in this article.

send messages from windows 10 computer

How To Send SMS Messages From Windows 10 Computer to a Phone

Method 1 – Send Messages Through Email

Probably the simplest way to send messages from your computer to a cell phone is through the email. To do so, just follow these instructions:

  1. Open Windows 10 Mail App
  2. Click on New Mail
  3. Now just enter the number you want to send the text message to and enter the code of your provider. Here are message codes of some popular providers:
    • Alltel: (or for picture messages)
    • AT&T:
    • Sprint:
    • T-Mobile:
    • Verizon: (or for photos and video) sms message from windows 10
  4. Write the message as a normal email and just hit Send

When your friend replies to your text message, you’ll also get it in your Mail inbox.

Method 2 – Send Message From A Carrier’s website

A lot of mobile carriers offer you an option to send free SMS messages from your computer for free. Depending on the carrier, you’ll be able to send text messages to other users of that carrier’s services, or even users of other networks. So just go to your carrier’s website, log into your account, find the option for texting, and send the text message from your computer.

Method 3 – Use a Free SMS Website

There are literally a to of websites which offer you to send SMS messages for free. But using some of these websites isn’t always the best solution, because a lot of them are scams. And even legit ones have their own cons, for example, you’ll get bombarded with a lot of ads, you won’t be able to receive test messages on the site directly, you’ll have to leave your personal info, which is not recommended. But if you still want to use a free SMS website, some of better are Send SMS Now, A Free SMS and Txt2day.

Additionally, Microsoft also prepares it’s very own service for sending text messages from Windows 10 computer. Namely, the company will split Skype into messaging and video call services. This feature already arrived on Windows 10 Mobile Preview, but we don’t know when it will become available for Windows 10 PC users.

Do you know some other effective way to send SMS messages from your computer? If you do, tell us in the comments, I’m sure it will be helpful to other users.

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