How to set live wallpaper on Windows 11

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  • You can apply a live wallpaper to your Windows 11 PC.
  • This requires third-party software to also be installed.
  • Yes, you will even find Lively Wallpaper on the MS Store.
  • Follow these simple steps and you will be done in no time.
Windows 11 live wallpaper

Are you bored with your regular background image and would like to switch it up a bit? Say no more!

Just in case you didn’t already know, there is a way you can actually set live wallpaper for your Windows 11 device, as you previously did with Windows 10.

However, this is not an operating system option, and you will have to get some third-party software in order to get it working.

How can I set a live wallpaper?

It’s a fairly simple process but it will take some minutes of your time, so it’s best if you don’t try to do it while you are in a rush.

First thing’s first, as we mentioned above, you will need to download and install Lively Wallpaper. You can do so directly from their site, or you can also find it on the Windows 11 Store.

So let’s get right into it and show you what steps you need to take for this whole thing to work properly.

  1. Download Lively Walpaper, either from the official page or the Microsoft Store.lively MS store
  2. Install Lively Wallpaper.install lively wallpaper
  3. Open Lively Wallpaper and select one of the pre-existing choices.lively app

These are basically what you have to do in order to have a live, animated wallpaper, even if you are using Windows 11.

How do I add more live wallpapers to the app?

We know that it’s hard to please everyone, so if you are not at all happy with the current selection provided by developers, you can add more wallpapers with just a few clicks. Here’s how:

  1. In the Lively Wallpaper app, press on the plus button.add more wallpapers
  2. If the file you are trying to add is already in your PC, click on the Browse file
  3. If you want to make a live wallpaper out of your favorite Youtube video, copy the video’s URL and paste it here.url live wallpaper
  4. Clicking on the More wallpapers button will send you to the Lively Walppaper subreddit. reddit wallpapers

You can also tweak certain aspects of your new live wallpaper, such as saturation, hue, brightness, contrast, gamma, or speed. How can you do that you ask?

Well, easier than one might think. In the Lively Wallpaper app, just right-click on any wallpaper and select Customize.

After doing so, a dropdown menu with all the above-mentioned options will appear and you will be able to make the desired modifications.

There you go! Now you are all set to set up your first Windows 11 live wallpaper. This is great news for many early adopters, as they weren’t sure if this software will also be compatible with the new OS.

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