ShareX to soon arrive in the Windows Store as a UWP Windows 10 app

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ShareX is one of the best tools that you can use to capture and upload screenshots online. The tool is free to use and supports several screen capture methods such as full screen, window, monitor, region, scrolling, and freehand.

ShareX offers a wide range of actions after taking a screenshot. You can save it to file, edit it in your image editor, upload it online, and more. It is worth mentioning that ShareX is compatible with 80 different online services such as Imgur and Dropbox. The tools also supports screen recording, allowing you to use a single tool for two specific purposes.

ShareX is very popular among Windows 10 users and its wide array of features make it perfect for advanced users, as well. The only downsize is that the tool is not available in the Windows Store, but this could soon change.

ShareX could soon land in the Windows Store

In a recent post on Reddit, the tool’s developer confirmed that he’s currently working to bring ShareX to the Windows Store as a UWP Windows 10 app through Project Centennial. Unfortunately, the Desktop App Converter keeps on displaying various errors, preventing him from bringing the app to the Store. Hopefully, the Creators Update OS will fix this issue.

I bought Windows Store license just to be able to put ShareX to Windows Store. But Desktop App Converter (Centennial) was keep giving error and I couldn’t manage to solve it therefore I’m unable to put it to Windows Store 🙁 […]

I already sent ticket to support and they told me to open discussion in forum. But there is already discussions in forum asking about this problems and no solution in them. Soon Windows 10 creative update gonna release and I’m gonna install it. Hoping reinstalling Windows gonna solve my problem. If not then I will try.

If you’re curios to try out ShareX, you can download it for free from GetShareX.

Have you already used ShareX? Are you looking forward to downloading it as a UWP Windows 10 app?



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