5 best sniping software that bids for you on eBay

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Key notes

  • The latest sniping software tools easily place your bid on eBay seconds before the auction closes.
  • Since you clearly can’t do that on your own, feel free to use Rapidcatch, Gixen, or EZ Sniper.
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Sniping software tools
eBay is one of the oldest e-commerce sites out there. However, it isn’t like the traditional Amazon e-commerce website that only allows you to buy through fixed-price listings. eBay offers both fixed priced listing and auction format listing. In the auction format listing, the seller puts a product on sale through auction. The auction runs for only a limited amount of time that is 1-10 days depending on the seller’s preference. The interested buyers must place a bid that should be higher than the current bid. When the time ends, the highest bidder wins. This is where it gets interesting in this sales format. eBay uses an in-house automatic bidding algorithm that takes the maximum bid from the users and automatically adds a bid with an increment. Since no one knows what the highest bid set by the other member is, and they don’t have time to sit in front of the computer to bid after every few seconds, they use automated bidding software that does last second bidding. The process of last-second bidding is known as sniping, and the automated bidding programs are called sniping software aka sniper. If you are new to the eBay auction and wondering why you lose some last time deals despite sitting in front of your computer at the right time, this is the reason. A good number of eBay users take advantage of this type of software to place last minute bidding, hence increasing the chances of winning the bid. Do keep in mind that eBay recognizes the bid sniping tactic on its official website. As eBay says while the use of sniping software does not guarantee a winning bid, it is perfectly normal to use the software to place your bid. So, what software should you for bid-sniping on eBay? There are several sniping software tools available on the Internet that include Chrome extensions, web-based apps, and desktop applications. To make the task easier for you, we have put together a list of bid sniping software that bids for you on eBay.

What’s the best sniping software that bids for you on eBay?


try out Rapidcatch

Rapidcatch is an automated bid placing system that allows you to place a bid on auction sites such as eBay, Newauction, Skylots, etc.

It is a cloud-based system, so no installation is required. Rapidcatch offers a free plan to get started but limited to 1 auction site and one bid per day.

The more premium plans remove these limitations offering 1-10 auction site support with an unlimited number of bids per day.

The user needs to register to use the software. From the dashboard, you need to enter your auction credentials like the username and password, URL of the website, etc.

To place a bid, click on the Place Bid button. Select a bidding scenario like just watch, do not place a bid, try to buy all items from the list, or exact quantity.

Next, enter the Item URL, bid amount, the quantity you want to buy, load time (the time to place the bid before the bid ends, in seconds), email address, phone number, etc.

You can check the status of the bid from the Bids tab. It shows active, leading, losing, won, and lost bids. You can easily add multiple auction site credentials from the Settings > Credential tab.

Rapidcatch also offers a Google Chrome extension allowing the Rapidcatch users to bid directly from the auction page without having to access the Rapidcatch account.

Click the extension icon and fill the details to place the bid. The bid details can be accessed from the Rapidcatch account if needed.

Rapidcatch is one of the most popular automated bidding systems. Sign up using the free account to test the software without any risk.

Go to Rapidcatch 


try out Gixen

Gixen is a free eBay auction sniper service that is available both online and offline for desktop use. It automatically places your bids on eBay at the last second.

It also comes with Group bidding and allows you to make unlimited bids. If you are on Mozilla Firefox, Gixen has a free plugin for the browser.

Gixen also offers a premium service called Gixen Mirror that costs $6 a year.

Gixen Mirror comes with all the great features of standard Gixen, plus:

  • A multi-server, fault-torrent sniping service that sends your snipes twice for two different locations to increase the chances of winning
  • It is ad-free, offers contingency group biding and a new multi-win group bidding
  • You can customize snipe time from 3 to 15 seconds based on your preferences
  • Auction end times are refreshed hourly instead of daily

Using Gixen is easy. First, create an account with Gixen. Next, open eBay and log in. Go to the auction page and from the URL copy the item number.

In Gixen, enter the item number and your maximum bid for the auction. Click on Add to save the changes.

That’s it. Gixen will snipe the bid in the last seconds. With the premium plan, you get more features, although completely optional.

Download Gixen 

EZ Sniper

try out EZ Sniper

EZ Sniper is another popular sniping software that offers an automated bidding system for multiple auction sites including eBay.

It is a premium service with a free trial on offer. EZ Sniper offers commission-based, subscription-based, and pre-paid plans.

To use EZ Sniper, you need to register for the service. From the Auction tab, you can set new snipes.

Under the Add interface, type Item ID (that is item number from the auction URL), max bid, auction site (in this case eBay), contingent if any, and Note (optional).

Click on the Snipe button to schedule the bidding. EZ Sniper will automatically snipe the bid at the last second.

You can view your eBay watching list, subscription plans, change account settings, and archives from the Menu.

You can search for items on eBay directly from the EZ Sniper dashboard. From the bottom left, click on eBay search under EZ Sniper Recon and enter the keyword for the item.

Hit Enter and EZ Sniper will display all the available listing on the dashboard.

Note: The latest version of EZ Snipper may require you to link your eBay account with the service for better stability.

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try out BidNapper

BidNapper is a sniping service offered by the same company as EZ Sniper. The only difference appears to be in the pricing plans on offer.

BidNapper allows you to increase the chances of winning auction through automated last-minute bidding.

It also keeps your bids private, allows to change or delete bids, keeps prices down, and bid only as much you need to win the auction.

BidNapper also offers a free trial account that allows you to snipe three bids on any site. The working of BidNapper is identical to EZ Sniper with an identical set of features.

Go to BidNapper


try out YouBidder

YouBidder is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to place unlimited bids on eBay auction for free.

The extension automates the bidding process, so you don’t need to keep your PC running.

The working of the plugin is straightforward. After installing it on Chrome, visit the auction page for bid sniping.

Click on the YouBidder icon on your browser and enter your eBay username and password. Next, you need to enter your highest bid.

The extension will automatically bid at the last second. Why free? The website doesn’t specify how the free thing works.

But, if we are to guess, seems like the developer’s added their affiliate ID to every bid their automated system makes on your behalf which in return generates revenue for the developer at no extra cost to the buyer.

YouBidder is a popular extension and has 4.5 stars on the Chrome Webstore. However, the only problem seems to be reliability. While it works, it works, if not, it won’t let the user login.

Get YouBidder  

All the software tools listed in this article offer a sniping feature allowing you to bid automatically on eBay. However, sniping software does not guarantee anything.

While using such sniping tools, it is important to understand the fact that this software can only snipe at the right time and you can hope it to outbid hundreds of other bidders using the sniping services.

Try the services listed in this article for sniping eBay auctions. You will able to assess the effectiveness of the tools in a short time without having to spend a fortune.