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  • If you want to start a Facebook Live broadcast, then you must have the perfect software.
  • You'll find here one of the most popular tools to go live, and it also has a free trial version.
  • We also offer you a video conferencing and webinar program, with Facebook Live integration.
  • Another tool not only lets you live-stream, but also to chat and highlight comments.
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For most people who plan to start a Facebook live show, the things that stop them are usually fear and the right gear. People feel afraid to take the leap for fear of saying something wrong or something silly, and knowing social media, that one moment could go viral even before you can explain why it happened. Other times they’re just worried something will get spoilt, or the webcam will fall over, or just some other form of disaster will occur.

For those in business, especially the owners or the marketing team, who may or may not have technological challenges, they feel they don’t have the perfect equipment and set up to start, so they don’t do it at all until the moment is just right.

It is normal to be nervous, but the key is to channel that into your performance during the broadcast, and this is why doing warm-ups and voice tests before you go live are important. Check out our top favorites to get you started with the best software to go live on Facebook.

Which software is best for Facebook live?


Crowdcast does not only let you live-stream but also chat and highlight comments, which are all great for social media. With this tool, you can stream to Facebook Live, Periscope, and YouTube, and also let people know where the conversation is happening.

It’s easy to get started, in fact in just seconds, with no clunky downloads, from registration to the event and automatic recording. You can also send emails from the app, accept payments, and engage your audience with Q&A and polls, invite them on screen, use automatic replays, and use the analytics to make your outreach or marketing efforts stronger if it’s for business.

It is also interactive and powerful and does everything so you can focus on engaging and connecting with your audience.

Streaming is not delayed and is in HD resolution, so you can connect with your audience without technical distractions. You can also invite anyone on screen, share screens, create multi-session events or duplicate them, and export all your data in one click.



A platform for hosting engaging conversations, promoting your business, teaching online, and broadcasting events on Facebook!
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This is one of the best-known streaming software to go live, and the good thing is it has a free trial though it only works for Facebook Live and your broadcast is branded with BeLive.

With BeLive, you can broadcast a maximum of two 20-minute live videos weekly, invite guests, and work with up to three people at the same time in one broadcast on the screen.

If you want a non-branded version, with more flexibility and features, you can pony up and get the paid subscription, for $15 to get the BeLive Lite, and add your logo, share your screen especially for how-to videos, highlight comments while they’re displayed on the screen, and use a green room of up to 10 guests waiting to appear on your live broadcast.

It is easy to use, keeps being improved, and is web-based, so it works on Windows computers. However, with web-based apps, it is prone to glitches compared to installing one on your computer.



A cloud-based multi-streaming and studio with an intelligent assistant that allows you to broadcast from a browser, PC, or mobile device.
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Facebook Live is the largest live streaming platform that brings people and brands together, which is why you need the best software to go live on Facebook to build a bigger audience through professional videos or broadcasts, which are rich in style and content.

Wirecast is another advanced software that lets you live stream on multiple platforms simultaneously, or simulcast as it is known in social media circles, to YouTube Live, Twitch, or Facebook Live among others.

While it also doesn’t come cheap, it is popular among professionals and beginners alike for live video switching needs. It also has a Facebook Live integration facility, and you can integrate it with multiple input sources for easy sharing, plus leverage on its many editing tools for interactive services.

The downside is users cannot see live comments within Wirecast, but it is still flexible and operational which is why beginners love it, plus it is available for use with Windows computers.



A complex tool for both beginners and professionals that allows you to record audio and video, produce a show, and stream it live on Facebook!
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Zoom is more of a video conferencing and webinar software, with integration for Facebook Live. It is akin to Skype, and you can use it to chat with one or more people, share your screen, and even have several guests together, with better quality than Skype.

Its webinar add-on can be used to conduct a full webinar with a big audience, and you can live stream video to Facebook Live while saving your recordings in HD to use or upload later. However, you cannot add images, scenes or videos to the screen.

The Facebook integration by Zoom features a simple and fast log-in without the need to create a password, and you can use an existing account. It is also integrated with Facebook IM, so you can see when your pals are online or offline, and search for them by their names.

For video, you can meet up to 25 of your Facebook contacts, share documents, photos, and websites on your desktop screen (or even smartphone and tablet), or start an instant Facebook meeting or message with them.

Zoom also has an online 24/7 support system, lets you record your videos, and also lets you use the split-screen layout if you’re hosting a guest.

The downside is it is a bit pricey, especially if you need the feature that lets you record your videos and do live Facebook streaming at a go, which is about $50 a month. Its setup is also a bit complicated, with several steps to set up Facebook live streaming.

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OBS Studio

This is one of the most advanced and powerful software to go live on Facebook. It is not only free and available for Windows 10 computers but also lets you broadcast to Facebook Live, YouTube, Periscope, and any other platform. However, it needs a powerful computer and has a steep learning curve.

Among its features is a scene set up (done in advance) so you can say to your audience something like ‘coming soon’ before you go live, with some background music for professionalism. Additionally, you can only broadcast to one platform at a go, compared to others that let you do more than one.

OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) also records impressive videos from your computer’s screen and webcam, plus you can share content on different social media platforms.

The benefits of using OBS Studio include an interactive user interface, many advanced features, video formats to save your clips, rich video quality and size maintained, you can tweak settings and access shortcuts to start/stop Facebook live streaming, and capture audio from a mic or soundcard.

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Tip: If you’re broadcasting on your desktop and want to display your mobile device screen, try Reflector 2, available for Windows computers, and connect your phone wirelessly then your screen will appear in your live video screen. It can be used with BeLive, OBS Studio, or Wirecast.

Is there software to go live on Facebook that you use and it works wonders for you? Let us know in the comments section below.

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