FIX: Something went wrong linking EA account to Twitch

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Twitch Invalid Request Error

Twitch users can link their game as well as consoles to their Twitch profile. However, some users have reported that they are unable to link their EA account to twitch. An error “Something went wrong linking EA account to Twitch” occurs when they try to connect Twitch with EA account. A closer look in the search results suggests that it is not an isolated incident as many users have reported similar errors in the Reddit Community.

Every time I try to add the account, it gives me a <invalid request> instead of successfully linking the account. On my connections tab, it shows that I am connected, but I know I am not due to the fact that I haven’t received any of the in-game rewards that would come with it. Any help would be appreciated.

If you are also looking for a way to resolve Something went wrong linking EA account to Twitch, this troubleshooting guide is for you.

How to fix something went wrong linking EA account to Twitch

1. Disconnect EA from Twitch

something went wrong linking EA account to Twitch

  1. If you haven’t already, try to disconnect your EA Account from the Twitch Profile and then try to link EA account again.
  2. Log in to your Twitch account using a web browser.
  3. Go to Setting and open Connections tab.
  4. Look for Electronic Arts connection and disconnect it from the Twitch profile.
  5. Sign out of your Twitch profile and log in again. Try to link to your EA account and check for any improvements.

Try Different Web Browser

  1. If the issue persists, try to change the web browser. If you are using Google Chrome, try to access the Twitch profile using Firefox or Edge and then try to link again.
  2. Many users have reported that changing their web browser has resolved the error.

How to fix common Twitch notification issues

2. Clear Browser Cache

  1. Bad browser cache can create issues with Account setup and linking process. Try to clear your browser cache and then try again.

For Chrome Browser

  1. Click the Menu icon and select Settings.
  2. Click the Advanced button.
  3. Scroll down to the Privacy and Security section.
  4. Click on Clear browsing data.
    something went wrong linking EA account to Twitch
  5. Select a Time Range and then check the “Cookies and site data” and “Cached images and files” boxes.
  6. Click on Clear data button.
  7. Close and relaunch Chrome browser. Log in to your Twitch profile and try to link EA account again.

3.  Server Issues at Twitch / EA

  1. If nothing seems working, it could be an issue at Twitch’s side as it is refusing to link your EA account.
  2. The support staff may not be very good at acknowledging if it is at their end. However, you should get an ETA or a workaround from the support staff.
  3. Make sure you contact Twitch support through Social Media or Reddit Community forums as the support is usually active in these places.


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