Black Friday 2020 sound card deals for PC users

If you often use your computer to play games, watch movies or stream content, then most likely audio quality is very important to you. Of course, sound quality depends on a variety of factors, one of which is your sound card.

If you’re planning to upgrade your computer sound card, then you should really check out this year’s Black Friday offers. That pricey sound card might just be discounted.

Best sound cards for audiophiles

Windows 10

Looking for the best sound cards that work perfectly with Windows 10? Take a look at the best ones that you can get right now and forget about faulty drivers, inconsistencies, errors, and installation problems.


Music producers know the importance of the sound card better than anyone. For a good sound quality you’ll need a dedicated sound card with advanced features that can handle everything you throw at it. Get your tunes in order with these amazing options.


Not all sound cards offer the same connectivity options. Some have multiple inputs and outputs, others have dedicated connections, while some only focus on one channel. Depending on your needs, choose the best sound card that can accommodate all of your devices with ease.


Sometimes, your built-in sound card can’t handle complex tasks or bleeding-edge audio devices. For that, you’ll need a dedicated sound card. If you can’t or don’t want to upgrade your PC, the best solution is an external USB sound card with lots of features and customization options.

For microphones

The sound card that came by default with your PC is perfectly fine if you don’t need it for specific tasks. But if you’re a YouTuber, content creator, or a musician, you know how important is the sound card and the microphone for the sound quality. That’s why we’ve gathered the best sound cards for microphones available.

Best USB audio interfaces


If you’re looking for an USB audio interface for streaming, you’ll have to take into consideration things like latency, sound quality, and connectivity. Some sound cards can offer advanced features and amazing quality, but lack in the connectivity department. Check out these deals and grab the one that meets all of your needs.


Integrated sound cards are fine if you aren’t interested in precise sound quality and latency. But if you need an external USB audio interface that won’t disappoint you, you’ll have to get one with low latency. We’ve gathered the best deals on the market to help you decide. Check them out and make your pick.


There are a plethora of USB audio interfaces on the market. Some are for amateurs, while others are for professionals that use them everyday and rely on exceptional sound quality and top-notch features. For those working with voice-overs, we’ve gathered the best devices on the market right now.


Sound cards are often overlooked when building a PC, but they are as important as the next computer part. No matter if you’re a gamer, a content creator, an audiophile, or just a casual user, the sound quality is very important and your sound card can have a major impact on it.