Want to enjoy some quality audio while you work away on your computer? Get a USB sound card.

What you need is a USB sound card – the perfect, tiny, yet oh, so powerful gadget that brings life to your audio quality and tone, letting you have the pleasures of a full home theater in your comfort zone.

A USB sound card is, as described, a little gadget, which you connect to your computer or laptop, to increase your audio ports. It is used in the same way you would use a USB hub to get more ports on your computer.

The beauty about a USB sound card – depending on the type you choose to buy – is that it comes with multiple audio ports such as 3.5mm output and input jacks, and both coaxial and optical S/PDIF jacks.

These are the most commonly used type of jack pins, so having audio ports that can accommodate all four in one gadget is everything.

If you want some extra oomph on your audio as you watch a movie, follow a podcast, or listen to your favorite tunes, here are some of the best USB sound cards with 7.1 channel audio.

USB sound cards with 7.1 channel audio to boost PC sound

UGREEN USB sound card external converter

USB sound card


This sound card delivers superb audio quality what with its external stereo sound adapter housed in durable ABS casing with an ultra-compact design. This device doesn’t require driver installations or set up before using it, unlike other sound cards – it’s simply plug and play. It is also compatible with a wide range of operating systems including Windows 10, but doesn’t work with a headset whose headphone and microphone are separated.

Some of its main features include a 3.5mm auxiliary TRRS port, an additional USB stereo audio adapter that allows you to bypass faulty internal sound cards or audio ports.


  • Plug and play- no need for installations
  • Crystal clear audio with 7.1 channel surround sound
  • Lightweight, compact and portable
  • Users love it for the virtual surround experience

UGREEN sound card price is around $15.00.

Creative Sound BlasterX G1

Creative Sound BlasterX G1


If you’ve ever watched a movie at an IMAX cinema, with the thunderous sound and audio effects, then you can understand what this sound card will deliver. The Creative Sound BlasterX gives you an instant upgrade to the sound on your headphones, with crisp audio for an immersive gaming experience.

It may look little and thin, but when this gadget comes to life, the experience is magical. It comes with a headphone amplifier, powering headphones of up to 300Ω, which ensures your audio experience is top notch, with perfect accuracy while you play.

One of its salient features is the Scout Mode, which lets you hear much clearer than the ordinary headphones, but this is only available for Windows users.


  • Plug and play, no need for installations
  • Delivers crystal clear audio with surround sound
  • Delivers superior gaming performance as it gives instant audio boost with your computer, gaming or mobile devices
  • Lightweight, compact and portable
  • Users love it for the virtual surround experience


  • Expensive compared to other sound cards
  • Needs some configuration to enable 24 bit before use

Creative Sound BlasterX G1 price is around $41.95

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ROCCAT Juke USB sound card

Roccat juke usb sound card

This USB stereo sound card comes with a headset adapter and is designed to take your audio listening to a whole new level. Its premium quality, immersive 7.1 experience sound, makes the Roccat Juke one of the best gaming sound cards in the market.

This sound card is compatible with a variety of stereo gaming headsets, and its 7.1 technology carries you away into a world of surround sound where you can hear everything including a pin drop – perfect for gaming.


  • Light weight
  • Portable and compact
  • You can tweak the sound and equalizer settings to your specifications
  • Immersive 7.1 audio experience
  • Has less noise on the microphone line
  • Has clean sound
  • Users like the nice blue LED glow
  • Has a low footprint
  • Comes with many features
  • Better than an integrated motherboard audio
  • Low profile USB plug that isn’t bulky so it won’t block other USB ports from being used


  • Users have reported that it has a very low noise and can only be heard when turned up to high volume
  • Speaker or audio line out makes scratchy static noise when you switch devices, or system powers on or off
  • To use it, you’d have to download the driver from the manufacturer’s site and install to your computer
  • Some users say the device feels cheap
  • Doesn’t come with its own carrying case

ROCCAT Juke’s price goes around $13.92.

SaiTech IT

saitech usb sound card

This sound card is easily plugged into your computer’s USB port then connect your headset into the card’s adapter. It comes with Xear 3D sound simulation software which transforms your speakers or earphones into 7.1 channel sound, and is ideal for use with either your desktop or notebook device.

If you’ve had a nasty experience trying to work your cables around your computer, then this is the perfect sound card to take away the stress. Just plug it in, then use the headphone or microphone jack for output and input respectively.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Compact design
  • Affordable price
  • Plug and play, no need to install any drives or software online
  • Quality surround sound
  • Works with both desktop and notebook/laptop
  • Doesn’t need external power
  • Connects headphones, speakers and microphones without unplugging other devices


  • Some users have complained that it doesn’t pick up sound from the microphone

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Diamond Multimedia USB sound card

USB sound card


This gadget is true to its name: diamond. It’s a little gem that gives great quality output on audio, and works well with any computer, device, and operating system.

This sound card’s features support a wide variety of media and include 4 analog outputs (3.5mm), 2 mic inputs (3.5mm), 1 headphones jack (3.5mm) and an optical S/P-DIF digital input. What better way to enjoy your movie, game, music or other sound experience.


  • Clear sound
  • Plenty of input and output ports
  • Cost-effective
  • Users say it delivers stellar performance


  • You may need a separate adapter if you’re trying to convert SPDIF to analog
  • Some users say it gives partial/limited support for Windows 10 drivers
  • Owing to limited support on Windows 10, the card may not provide full surround sound functionality unless you’re on a Windows 8 and 7 driver
  • Customer support may not be instant when you really need feedback and assistance

Sewell Direct Sound Box

USB sound card


Although this USB sound card doesn’t support full sound surround for Windows 10, the manufacturer says the device will be updated to accommodate it. Otherwise, this gadget comes with easy to use volume control buttons, 2 microphone inputs, 3.5mm jacks, and full duplex recording and playback.

These and other features ensure you, the user, enjoys exceptional audio capabilities, transforming your machine from simple audio to home theater-ready. Overall, users are satisfied with the Sewell sound card.


  • Featherweight, compact and portable
  • Affordable price
  • Easy access to ports
  • Volume controls and mute buttons for microphone
  • Amazing on-screen control display


  • Doesn’t support Windows 10 for full surround sound
  • Some users have noted a skip when playing audio

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Sewell Direct Sound Box Pro USB sound card

USB sound card metallic


This multichannel USB audio device comes with a built-in 7.1 channel output support for 24-bit quality sound. With this sound card, you get to enjoy the best audio experience from your favorite tracks and movies, as it supports top-quality Blu-ray audio playback, through front RCA connectors that let you connect any Hi-Fi audio device, 3.5mm stereo output, subwoofers, and flexible inputs for microphones.

It has been accorded the industry-leading 108dB SNR rating, which lets you upgrade your audio experience wherever you are, whatever time of day.


  • Featherweight, compact and portable
  • Durable owing to its metal case
  • Perfect for audio recording
  • Converts USB 2.0 to SPDIF out
  • Classy design with gold plated RCA ports
  • Delivers powerful audio – punchy bass with clear highs and distinct sound
  • Low energy usage
  • Low CPU usage


  • Costly compared to other USB sound cards

Sewell Direct SoundBox Pro can be bought for a price around $80.00.

UGREEN USB sound card

ugreen usb sound card

This little device is hailed for its amazing sound quality, and its ability to connect to headphones, headset, speakers and microphone with a 3.5mm jack to your computer, using a USB interface.

It includes a stereo headphone output jack, and mono microphone input jack that bypass any defective sound cards or faulty audio ports thus helping you regain audio functions on your computer or laptop. This makes it pretty cost effective compared to other devices in its league.

It comes with a USB 2.0 (male) connector, C-Media chipset, and a cable of 15cm. If you’re using Windows OS, here’s how to use it:

  • Go to the sound icon on your taskbar (found at the bottom right part of your screen)
  • Right click on the sound icon
  • Choose Playback devices or Recording devices
  • Adjust the volume on your machine, and the application


  • Simple to install and use
  • Clarity and quality of sound
  • Simultaneously works with headphone and microphone
  • Plug and play – no drivers required
  • Compact and portable
  • Sturdy cable
  • Durable due to its great ABS material build quality
  • Comes with a one year warranty
  • Fantastic customer service at your disposal
  • Doesn’t pull apart easily
  • USB bus powered thus you don’t need external power for it
  • Compatible with a wide variety of operating systems including Windows
  • Protection against electromagnetic interference so you can enjoy stable sound quality


  • Some users say the microphone doesn’t function with all software
  • Users concerned about the longevity of the mini-jack socket
  • Only supports mono microphone TRS – not TS, TRRS, and incompatible with PS3 (as its interface doesn’t carry audio signal)

UGREEN USB sound card‘s price is around  $9.00

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DigitalUS USB sound card

USB sound card

This little device comes highly recommended both for its ridiculously affordable price, and full speed 12Mbps specification. It is compliant with USB 2.0, 1.0, and USB HID 1.1 class, and includes the Xear 3D, which ensures you enjoy high quality audio with the virtual 7.1 channel sound effect. It also works with PS3 unlike the UGREEN sound card.


  • Plug and play – no drivers required
  • USB bus powered thus you don’t need external power for it
  • Comes with LED indicators for microphone states or activity
  • High quality
  • Super affordable price
  • Buy it now on Amazon

Vantec USB sound card

vantec usb sound card

This is more than just a sound card because it offers dual gigabit Ethernet ports in addition to the usual input and output jack plug in ports. For IT administrators, this is good news because they can manage networks thanks to the Vantec sound card, while using it for other purposes.

Unlike other sound cards, this one comes with separate right and left mic inputs that enable true stereo recording, delivering a clean sound experience to the user.


  • Multifunctional
  • Sleek, portable and compact
  • Lightweight
  • LED indicators for Ethernet connectivity
  • Supports advanced link down power saving when you unplug the Ethernet cable
  • High quality sound recording and full duplex playback
  • Works with Windows OS
  • Gives a more natural sound


  • Some users feel the flashing blue power LED indicators are too bright/powerful
  • Requires driver installation from Vantec website before use
  • Has a CmEye106.exe pop issue that is annoying to users, may make them doubt the product
  • Some users say it has weak configuration utility for Windows
  • Little user control

Vantec USB sound card‘s price is around for $29.00

Why a USB sound card is a must have computer accessory

  • It is easy to install as you simply plug and play, without having to open your computer apart to insert it.
  • It is tiny, compact and you can go with it anywhere you want. It also doesn’t take up desk space like speakers.
  • It adds surround sound (like home theaters) to your computer. You can also connect it to your Home Theater system.
  • It is a fantastic replacement in case your computer’s internal sound card is broken or damaged
  • You can use its multiple ports to transform the sound card into a recording device
  • It makes your laptop look good

So, have you decided which USB sound card to buy?