10 best soundboards for Discord [2021 Guide]

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  • Many PC users and especially gaming fans want to use a soundboard for Discord.
  • Using such software, you can play various sounds to other members in voice calls.
  • The software mentioned in this guide works with Discord and other similar applications.
  • In case you need a soundboard for PC, these apps will surely fit all your needs.
soundboard for discord

Discord is a platform that supports video and voice calls, text messaging and media and file sending too. A great tool highly appreciated by many users is the soundboard for Discord.

Picking the best application isn’t an easy task, and we have prepared a list of the best soundboards for Discord. Check out the next section for more information.

What is the best soundboard for Discord?


soundpad soundboard for discord

Soundpad is an awesome tool that allows you to play sounds on the microphone. Having multiple built-in features, it will offer you the best sound to microphone experience.

Compatible with any voice-related application, Soundpad is more than a top-quality soundboard for Discord. Thus, you can use it with other popular programs such as Skype, Battle.net, Dota 2, Teamspeak, and many more.

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A great soundboard for Discord, Voicemod contains lots of sound effects. Use them when you play popular games such as Minecraft, CS:GO, Fortnite, and others.

This software is also compatible with other programs such as Skype or TeamSpeak. Regardless if you are a gamer or a streamer, Voicemod will allow you to use and control your favorite sounds.

Feel free to choose from Voicemod’s rich gallery of sounds, effects and songs. Also, you will always have to make new choices because this gallery is updated every month.

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AV Voice Changer Software Diamond

av voice changer software diamond soundboard for discord

AV Voice Changer is a professional software that allows you to modify and then easily access any characteristic of your voice. Based on the advanced virtual driver technology, AV Voice is compatible with the majority of VoIP programs.

You can also use this software for webchat applications or role-playing games. AV Voice Changer Software Diamond allows you to create files with natural voice qualities thanks to its industry-leading algorithms.

More than a tool allowing you to change your voice in real time, AV Voice Changer creates a complete home audio workstation. Now, you possess all the tools necessary to create great recordings.

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MorphVox Pro Voice Changer

MorphVox Pro Voice Changer soundboard for discord

MorphVox Pro offers you a library filled with many free voices and free sound packs. It also allows you to add background sound when you talk. Use its ultra-quite background cancellation feature to experiment with great voice-changing algorithms.

The MorphVox Pro is a software fully optimized for online games, offering you extra fun in your gaming experience.

Now you can use the voice of your favorite game character regardless if it is a giant, dwarf or anything else.

This professional software contains digital and smart modes to offer you state-of-the-art noise reduction. MorphVox has a clever feature you can use anytime for voice, composed of analysis, comparison and tuning.

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resanance soundboard for discord

No matter if you seek amusing sound effects or the loudest sound, Resanance is very useful to use with Discord.

As this was the first platform this software was available for, you will also benefit from impeccable compatibility.

Resanance is a free soundboard for Discord, that allows a fast set-up and is also user-friendly. Users are free to set up hotkeys however they want, and play simultaneously on multiple devices.

Resanance is also a game-friendly tool, as it works with all games. Its producers always perform updates according to their users’ suggestions.

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EXP Soundboard

EXP soundboard soundboard for discord

EXP Soundboard supports MP3 and WAV formats, and you can play sounds with custom-created keys. They will be rendered through two outputs: a virtual audio cable and your speakers.

With this soundboard for Discord, you can allow soundboards to be saved whenever you desire.

Also, this software includes a converter tool that allows you to change any audio file and convert it into a compatible one with your needs.

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Clownfish Voice Changer

Clownfish Voice Changer 1

An application created for changing your voice, Clownfish Voice Changer is installed on system level. This means that every application that uses audio capture devices such as microphones can use it.

In terms of compatibility, you can use Clownfish Voice Changer with Discord and other applications. You can also use it to modify your voice in Steam, Hangouts, Skype, Viber, Mumble, and others.

This application offers you an advanced music player with enhanced playlist and audio controls supporting various media formats. Try out this app’s sound player with built-in management and sounds.

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JN Soundboard

JN Soundboard

JN Soundboard is a useful soundboard for Discord that allows you to play sound files into a device of your choosing. Use it to play the following audio formats: MP3, WMA, WAV, AC3 and MP4A.

Use any sound device with this software and use its microphone loopback feature. As a user, you are free to use its keyboard versatility and add, remove, edit or clear any key combinations you desire.

Moreso, if you connect with a virtual audio cable, you can also utilize the text-to-speech feature. Connect any device to your computer and play audio just as you wish.

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Podcast Soundboard

Podcast Soundboard soundboard for discord

Another performant soundboard for Discord is Podcast, and it was designed for both iOS and Windows platforms.

You can use it and enjoy its compatibility with file formats such as MP3, FLAC, WEBM, MP4 and WAV.

It has a simple and almost classic-looking interface and the capacity to improve your experience as a Discord user.

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Jingle Palette

Jingle Palette soundboard for discord

An interesting soundboard for discord, Jingle Palette is an excellent tool for broadcast studios as well. Use this software for a good variety of formats or streams such as MP3, MPA, MP2, OGG, MP1 or WAV.

Play your favorite jingles from Jingle Palette’s rich gallery and organize them in the palette format with 30 jingles each.

Create awesome sounds for Discord using this software’s functions such as Touch Play, Automixing and Autorepeating.

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The soundboard for Discord is a useful tool that will definitely improve your user experience. This will also prove great if you are a gaming fan.

Soundpad, Voxal Voice Changer, AV Voice Changer, and MorphVox Pro are the tools that impressed us the most with their quality. The others are also among the best ones.

Read our previous section to discover which tool would be the best for your preferences and leave us a comment in our dedicated section. We are eager to know what product attracted you the most and why.

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