What is Spectrum Error Gen-1016, and How to Easily Fix it

by Loredana Harsana
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  • When Spectrum TV cannot connect to DVR, it prompts error gen-1016.
  • Spectrum access on demand is a good alternative when encountering this error because it gives you access to video stores.
  • Some programs are unavailable on the internet; connect to your Home Wi-Fi.

Like other streaming apps online, the Spectrum TV app has errors plaguing it. A common one is spectrum error gen-1016. It can be annoying to encounter errors when you are trying to watch some movies with your friends.

However, the Spectrum error gen-1016 occurs when the Spectrum TV app cannot connect with the DVR. As a result, it prevents the app from launching on the TV.

There are other Spectrum app error codes that you can encounter. Don’t panic because this article will take you through what they are. Also, we will guide you through how to fix these errors in no time.

What are the Spectrum error codes?

  • Error Code WLI-1010: This error code indicates that you have input the wrong Spectrum login details. It means either the username or the password is incorrect.
  • Error Code WLC-1006: This error code means that the show you want to watch is unavailable over the internet. Some shows or channels are available only for your Home Wi-Fi.
  • Error Code  WLI-1027: You will need to type your login details again because of some login issues. So, you manually input the correct login parameters.
  • Error Code WLI-9000: Whenever you encounter this error code, the show you want to see is unavailable. The solution is to try again later or select another show to watch.
  • Error CodeWLP-1035: This error code means you should choose a different program or try again later.
  • Error Code WLP-999: This error code indicates that you try again after a few minutes.
  • Error Code WVP-999: It means that you should try again later
  • Error Code WUC-1002: It means unavailable; try again later
  • Error Code WPC-1005: This error code means you should log in to Spectrum using an Admin account. Parental control restrictions usually prompt it.
  • Error Code WVP-3305: This code means you must try again after a few minutes.

What does Spectrum code gen-1016 mean?

Spectrum error Gen-1016 indicates that the Spectrum TV app can’t open the app TV because it is not connected to the DVR. Code gen-1016 references DVR (digital video recorder) issues.

How can I fix the Spectrum error gen-1016?

  1. The first thing to do whenever you encounter any problems with Spectrum is to restart.
  2. Reset the cable connections.
  3. Get a new DVR at a nearby Spectrum store.
  4. You can also press the On-demand button on your remote.

As stated earlier, you can fix most Spectrum errors by restarting your Spectrum cable. Another common problem is  Spectrum error code RLC-1000 on Roku, and you can fix it using our guide.

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