FIX: Star Wars Battlefront 2 doesn’t work in Windows 10

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by Ivan Jenic
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  • When trying to launch Star Wars Battlefront 2 on Windows 10, you might experience compatibility issues.
  • There are a few quick fixes and we're showing them below.
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star wars error windows 10

Star Wars fever is still present! And while some people have yet to see the movie, many of them enjoy the Star Wars phenomenon by using branded merchandise, or even by playing one of the most popular same-name games ever – Star Wars Battlefront 2.

Battlefront 2 was released in 2005, and Microsoft released a couple of Windows OS versions since then. As a result, some compatibility issues might arise.

So in this article, we’re going to talk about getting Star Wars Battlefront 2 to work in Windows 10.

How can I launch Star Wars Battlefront 2 in Windows 10?

  1. Update Windows and install the latest drivers
  2. Enable Stereo Mix
  3. Run the game in the compatibility mode
  4. Delete vidmode
  5. Turn off firewall
  6. Run the game as Admin

1. Update Windows and install the latest drivers

First, make sure that you’re running the latest Windows version. Running outdated OS versions may trigger various issues, including game launch issues or crashes.

Go to Settings / Update & Security and open Windows Update. Click on the Check for updates button, if available.

windows 10 update

Windows Update automatically installs the latest driver updates when you check for updates.

However, make sure that you’ve indeed installed the latest driver versions by launching Device Manager.

If there is an exclamation mark next to particular drivers, right-click on the respective drivers and select Update.

update windows 10 drivers

We also strongly recommend dedicated third-party driver update tools, such as DriverFix, to automatically download all the outdated drivers on your PC.

This is optimal since it will periodically scan for updates and will keep your system healthy and safe, as you can manually download and install the wrong driver version.

DriverFix automatically update drivers

Once you install the tool, you only have to hit the Scan button and allow it to go through the entire system. By the end of the process, you’ll know exactly what drivers need updating, as well as available options.



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2. Enable Stereo Mix

  1. Right-click on the Speaker icon in the taskbar.
  2. Open Recording Devices (or Sounds).open sound control in windows 10
  3. Right-click on the empty space, and choose Show Disabled Devices.
  4. Stereo Mix will show up, so just right-click on it, and choose Enable.
  5. If you’re not able to turn on the Stereo Mix, you’re probably missing a driver, so head to Device Manager, and see if your audio drivers are missing

Note: Some of the latest sound drivers don’t support Stereo Mix anymore. So you might need to install an older sound driver if you can’t see or enable Stereo Mix.

After enabling Stereo Mix, go and try to open Star Wars Battlefront 2, it should work fine now. But if it doesn’t, try running the game in the compatibility mode, as shown below.

3. Run the game in the compatibility mode

run star wars in compatibility mode

  1. Open Star Wars Battlefront 2 folder (if you’re using it through Steam, access it in the following location:  C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Star Wars Battlefront 2
  2. Right-click on the Start Wars Battlefront 2 icon, and choose Properties.
  3. Head to the Compatibility tab, under Compatibility mode, check Run this program in compatibility mode for: and choose Windows 7 from the dropdown menu.
  4. Click OK.

4. Delete vidmode

delete vidmode

Some users confirmed that deleting vidmode fixed the problem. Navigate to this location:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData\DATA\_LVL_PC

Simply delete vidmode, then check if you can launch Start Wars Battlefront 2 in Windows 10.

5. Turn off firewall

  1. Go to Start  and open Control Panel
  2. Select System and Security / Firewall and go to Turn Windows Firewall on or off.turn off windows firewall
  3. Check the check boxes that allow you to turn off the firewall.

turn off windows firewall pc

6. Run the game as admin

  1. Go to: C:\Program Files\Origin\Origin.exe
  2. Right-click the executable file and select Properties
  3. Next, go to the Compatibility tab and select Run as start wars as administrator
  4. Then, go to C:\Program Files\Origin Games\STAR WARS Battlefront II\starwarsbattlefrontii.exe
  5. Right-click on the executable, select Properties, go to the Compatibility tab and check the Run as administrator.

Here are the steps to follow on Steam:

  1. Go to your Steam Library, right-click the game, go to Properties / Local Files tab.
  2. Navigate to Browse Local Files, right-click the game executable and select Properties.
  3. Select the Compatibility tab, then select Run this program as an administrator / Apply
  4. Restart Steam and launch Star Wars Battlefront 2 again.

As a last resort, try uninstalling and reinstalling the game.

That’s about it. We hope this article helped you to solve the problem, and that you’re now able to play your favorite Star Wars game on your Windows 10 computer.

If you have any comments, questions, or maybe some solution for this problem that we didn’t touch upon, feel free to leave it in the comments below.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in January 2016 and was completely revamped and updated in September 2020 for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.

  • Another solution I’ve heard of is to plug something into the microphone jack. It can be taken out once the game starts though but if you have USB headphones too it’s not a problem to keep it in anyway.

  • I can find this information anywhere. It adds nothing to any of the other sites explaining this. The problem is, Stereo Mix drivers have been removed in later versions of Windows to prevent audio recording. So you can’t enable it.

  • What a lazy article. The first suggestion is a year old and doesn’t work for everyone, the second is a given.

  • I have this problem, where maps dont load (?) correctly. and the ground is missing (on Geonosis and Mos Eisly) . What do i do ?