FIX: Steam game doesn’t show up in library

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  • A Steam game that doesn’t show up in the library can indicate that the installation has stopped.
  • Actually, you might notice after new purchases that Steam can't find the game in the library.
  • If Steam isn't showing games in the library, make sure you get the location correctly.
  • Note that the game might also be hidden somewhere on your device. 
Steam game doesn’t show up in library
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Have you recently bought a Steam game but it is not showing in your library? Or maybe you managed to install it but it keeps appearing uninstalled.

Following our guide below, you should be able to solve all these issues regarding your Steam game library.

What can I do if I can’t find a game in the Steam library?

  1. The game appears as uninstalled
  2. Check your game license
  3. Check if the game is hidden
  4. Force update Steam
  5. Reset your router

1. The game appears as uninstalled

game appears as uninstalled

If your Steam game seems to be not yet installed when you look it up in the library, the platform might not recognize the installation files.

Seeing that the game folders are in the right place, triggering a game launch will lead to a download.

This way, Steam will be able to know which are the right installation files during the download.

You can make sure that the files are in the proper location by accessing the default Steam folder; Normally you can find it under

C:Program Files (x86)SteamSteamappsCommon

If your games have been installed on a different partition, you can try the following:

  1. Launch Steam.
  2. Go to Settings > Downloads and press on Steam Library Folders . (Your Steam Library folders open in a window.)
  3. Click on Add Library Folder and mark the folder in which you previously installed the games.

Once the correct destination folder is added, your games will most likely appear in your Steam account.

Does your Stem game show an incomplete installation error? Circumvent it using this guide.

2. Check your game license

check your game license

After purchasing, make sure that you check to see if you have the license/subscription for your acquisition.

If not, try to purchase the game again. You may have to refresh the page if you reset your Internet connection.

Once you are sure that you have the license/ subscription, try to restart the Steam Client.  It is advisable that you restart your PC as well since Steam occasionally updates after that.

However, sometimes it can just be a server error, caused by many users trying to make a purchase at the same time. In this case, you just have to wait for a while and the problem will solve itself.

3. Check if the game is hidden

check if the game is hidden
  1. Find the game on the store page and click the Play now button.
  2. A window with information regarding the necessary space and other installation information should pop up.
  3. Press Next. The process allocates space and you will be brought to a new page.
  4. Check if your game is downloading.
  5. Click the link that allows you to manage your downloads. (It will take you to your downloads page where you can find the game that is downloading.)
  6. Right-click the game and hit Set Categories.
  7. In the new window, try and uncheck the box that says Hide this game in my library.

Afterwards, you should be able to see the game in your Library.

4. Force update Steam

Go to the Steam installation folder, locate the ClientRegistry.blob, and delete it. By doing so, Steam will install the latest updates.

Hopefully, your games will be available in the library after this step.

After the update, look at your library and see if it’s there. If not, restart your computer, log back in, then see if it’s there.

5. Reset your router

Sometimes, if you suspect that the network is not working as it should, you can try and reset your router. A poor connection can be the reason why your game library is not updating.

Just unplug your router and your modem for 30-60 seconds then your problem should be fixed.

Restarting the router and modem flushes the memory contents and might help reset any background problems.

As you can see, these are easy fixes that anyone can try. At least one of them should help when your Steam game doesn’t show up in the dedicated library.

We’d like to know which step worked for you, so feel free to contact us via the comments section.

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