Steam Link not going full screen? Here’s the solution

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Playing games on a bigger screen is one of the main reasons people use Steam Link. You want to see your favorite Windows games on a greater resolution on your TV to enhance your gaming experience.

However, many users encountered a major issue. Steam Link won’t go full screen on your TV.

According to them, this issue appears because the screen resolutions from the computer and the TV are different. Also, the in-game resolution might not be compatible with the TV or HDMI monitor resolution.

Still, some people said that the games displayed a full screen once they start, but this is not always the case.

This issue is an important setback for your gaming experience and today we will show you how to solve this problem.

What to do if Steam Link is not showing the entire screen

1. Change the resolution

  1. Go to Steam and select Settings.
  2. Go to the Streaming tab and select the Advanced host option.
  3. Check the box for change desktop resolution to match the client.
  4. In games, set the resolution to 1920×1080.

2. Twitch some settings in the Steam menu

  1. Go to the Steam menu on your PC.
  2. Select the In-Home-Streaming option.
  3. Go to the Advanced host option and deactivate hardware encoding.
  4. Restart the Steam Link streaming.


This is a problem that comes in different forms (literally). In other words, your Steam Link won’t go full screen in various ways.

For example, some users encountered that the left and right margins of the TV screen remained black, while the rest displayed the game correctly.

This is a fortunate situation, but not all examples are the same. Other users reported that the image is much smaller than the screen and also is not displaying in the center of the monitor.

So, for these people, not showing full screen in Steam Link is a major problem which makes them return to the traditional PC gaming.

Moreover, the culprit might be your HDMI monitor. The default resolution for your display is not compatible with Steam Link. Try another monitor to see if you can replicate the issue.

If the problem appears on another HDMI monitor, check out our guide to try more solutions.

Did our article help you? What resolutions are you using in Steam Link? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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