Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book finally start bringing in real cash for Microsoft

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Microsoft has made public its Q3 earnings and it seems that the company’s market strategy worked out very well. For some products, particularly phones, the downward spiral continues while sales for other products soared. Judging by the recent report, Microsoft has three main revenue engines: the Xbox One, Surface Book and Surface Pro 4.

Surface revenue increased 61% in constant currency driven by Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book, with general revenue in More Personal Computing up by 1% (up 3% in constant currency) to $9.5 billion, as the financial report reads.

The fact that people preferred to buy a Surface Pro 4 device over an iPad Pro is a clear sign the company is heading in the right direction in its battle against Apple for the ultimate computer replacement. The tech giant has seriously focused on its Surface products by rolling out a series of updates meant to improve their performance. It also offered interesting deals for its Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 devices, deals that fans could not refuse.

The current offer includes a free wireless Xbox controller or $100 discount on Surface Dock if you buy a Surface Book or a Surface Pro 4 (an offer valid for the models equipped with an Intel Core i7 processor). The previous offer, which was by far more interesting, offered a $150 discount for both devices. If you did not take advantage of it back then, we’ll keep on eye on the hottest deals from the Microsoft Store and let you know when there’s a new offer in sight.

As far as updates are concerned, the mammoth April update improved performance and battery management issues in a major way so that both the devices work perfectly now.

The updates are guarantees the company is doing its best to improve its product quality, taking user feedback into account in the process. The discounts represented a “thank you for buying from Microsoft” message. All these actions made people trust Microsoft and purchase a Surface device from them.

What made you buy a Surface Book or a Surface Pro 4? Tell us in the comment section below.



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