Charge your Surface device via USB-C with this cable

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Charge Surface device USB-C

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A unique Surface Connect cable has recently been introduced by American portable charging solutions startup, J-Go Tech. You can use a power bank or a USB-C wall charger to charge your Surface Laptop or Surface Pro.

If you observe the charging cable, its one end has a standard USB Type-C plug, while the other end has a Microsoft’s proprietary Surface Connect adapter.

If enables users to convert the charging port (the Surface Connect port) to USB-C power delivery. You can just use it to charge your Surface devices but it can’t be used for data transfer or video.

How to use the J-Go Tech Surface charging device

You must have a compatible power bank or wall charger that should support 15V PD output via USB-C otherwise you might face insufficient power.

A Surface, Surface Book and Surface Laptop requires a minimum of 45W (15V/3A) while a Surface Go needs 30W (15V/2A) or 45W (15V/3A). 

 It is pretty easy to use power banks when you are out, as you don’t have to stick to the near by charging points that might not exist in some cases. You can order the Surface connect cable online. The handy tool might even force you to give up on your original.

Be Careful While Charging Surface Devices via USB-C

Although charging with USB-C wall charger offers a bunch of benefits but it has some drawbacks as well. It offers fast data transfer speeds but you might end up damaging your charger, device, or both if a random charger is being used along with it.

Some of the users complaint that their Surface Go device throttles if it is charged with a USB-C device. It is recommended that USB-C wall chargers and power banks should be avoided when you have access to the standard chargers.



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