This Surface Phone 3D concept art makes you want to buy the device

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The Windows 10 Mobile might have fallen by the wayside, but Microsoft is not finished with mobiles just yet. It has been speculated for some time that Microsoft will launch a new Surface Phone sometime in 2018. The software giant has confirmed that it is planning on launching new phones, but revealed little about specific models as of yet.

Microsoft CEO Mr. Nadella stated that the company might launch phones which bare little resemblance to current models. Mr. Nadella stated, “I’m sure we’ll make more phones, but they will not look like phones that are there today.” The rumor mill suggests that Microsoft’s next mobile will be the Surface Phone running with an Andromeda platform.

A new patent from the Microsoft Surface team that surfaced this month further increased Surface Phone speculation. That patent includes an image of a small handheld device with a couple of alternative display screens that folds like a book. The patent shows a device that is comparable to the Lenovo Yoga Book. So it is feasible that the recent patent could include the first genuine images of the Surface Phone, but it might be something else.

surface phone

The latest patent illustrations have inspired the designer Mr. Breyer to produce new 3D concept art of what the Surface Phone could be like when, and if, Microsoft unveil it. Mr. Breyer showcased the 3D concept art on this Twitter page. The 3D renderings on that page are not in any way official Microsoft concept art, but they are based on the earlier patent illustrations. The concept renderings showcase a foldable mobile with a stylus pen that has a couple of displays between its covers.

The latest 3D concept art for a potential Surface Phone will certainly whet the appetite for a new kind of mobile that some industry analysts expect Microsoft to launch in 2018. The software giant has not confirmed any Surface Phone. However, many anticipate that Microsoft will reveal the Surface Pro in the second half of 2018.


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