Surface Pro firmware updated to fix heat issues, gets support for Windows 10 S

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Surface Pro Driver update windows 10 S

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Well, things are currently rough for the Surface Pro 2017. As a quick reminder, Consumer Reports recently lambasted Microsoft for reliability issues. Microsoft quickly swung into action and dismissed the report. Consumer Reports Recommendation claimed that more than 25% of the Surface users had issues within the timespan of 2-years. The company however rebutted and said that the sales return and the 1-2 year failure are significantly lower than 25 percent.

In the background, Microsoft has been working on undocumented driver updates that are delivered via the Automatic Update channel. Called by various names like, “Intel driver update for Intel® Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework Generic Participant” and in some cases also “Manager.”

The drivers were spotted on Saturday and the updates apparently passed through the Windows automatic updates.  However, a little bit of research will tell you that the “Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework” drivers usually throttle the processors down in case of high temperatures. Well, remember how Microsoft had also been recently accused of throttling the Surface Pro? At this juncture, it’s quite possible that the drivers intend to slow down the processor in case of overheat.

Microsoft is also battling out the Consumer Reports verdict that drops the Surface from the “Recommended Section.”The company is also prepping a report that aims at addressing the concerns. Below is an excerpt from the Microsoft internal memo:

We take quality seriously … conducting rigorous reliability testing during development to forecast failure and return rates, which are then continually viewed against [real world data] post-launch. We also regularly review other metrics to understand the experience we are providing to our customers and our findings show our products are in a much healthier place than noted by Consumer Reports.

And this:

We] have put together a comprehensive set of data that reflects the strength of our quality and our customer sentiment, and will be working with partner organisations, including marketing, retail, and sales, to share that information broadly.

Surface Pro to support Windows 10 S?

Interestingly enough, the update notes also mention Windows 10 S. Most likely, this means that Microsoft deployed this update to make the Surface Pro compatible with Windows 10 S. Many users are actually convinced that this is the case. However, Microsoft has yet to officially confirm whether this update actually adds support for Windows 10 S or not.



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