Teams to get control and share privileges on Virtual Machines

by Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
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  • Microsoft Teams users could soon exercise more control with a new update coming later in March.  
  • The new capability is expected to rollout to Virtual Machines. 
  • Microsoft has been working effortlessly to bring more useful features to the application since the pandemic to support remote work. 

Microsoft Teams has taken significant steps since the pandemic and has been making efforts to ensure the application is useful. 

Just the other day, the app introduced two new capabilities that would embrace hybrid work. Now, the Redmond tech giant is pushing Azure Desktop as a solution for PCs to enhance security. 

Is Microsoft Teams functional on Virtual Machines? 

Microsoft Teams is quite a powerful app depending on your device. Not everyone who has an old PC will have an appropriate screen to run multiple applications simultaneously.

Also, being able to share control of your screen is great for presentations where you need to get out of the way as soon as you’re done with your part and let someone else take over. 

The only downside is that running applications on a virtual machine significantly limits their functionality.

Microsoft has already made steps to ensure users can access their files offline so this is a great way to connect people and share content, but the ability to share control of a virtual desktop among users who are using Teams would be a big step up. 

More control and sharing privileges 

The Microsoft 365 roadmap now reveals that the company is planning to roll out the feature soon. 

Users on Azure Window Desktop will now have the power to give and take control during calls and meetings. 

If there are multiple presentations in a meeting, you can give another participant control to assist you in your presentation, change a file or make a demonstration. 

You can both be in control simultaneously and take control back once the other person is done sharing. The person in control is in charge of all modifications on the screen. To stop sharing control, you will have to select Release control. 

This could be a huge plus for companies looking to upgrade their hardware while retaining the same level of functionality. 

Improvements coming soon

The rollout is expected to start in March 2022. In addition, Microsoft will also roll out support for Citrix and VMWare but the latter can be expected a little later in April 2022.

Also to come soon are live subtitles enabled for audio calls on VMs this February. Users in the USA will also soon be able to make emergency calls from VMs. 

What Microsoft Teams feature released so far has made life easier for you? We’d love to have your input in the comment section below.

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