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by Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
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  • The new 3D Fluent Emojis that Microsoft added to Teams via the latest update are really cool.
  • Now, users can react and fill up their chat with over 1800 emojis that have been fully redesigned.
  • Note that IT admins are required to enable the preview features to let users access 3D emojis.
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You surely remember, especially if you are a Teams user, that Microsoft added a new batch of 3D Fluent emojis to its work-focused video conferencing app. 

The process has actually refreshed more than 1800 existing emojis for the platform after Microsoft previously announced 3D emojis for both Teams and Windows last year.

This magnificent idea and the rollout of the 3D Fluent emojis update for Teams was first touted via an official blog post.

Latest Teams update brought Fluent Emojis to the app

Microsoft stated that the refreshed 1800 emojis will bring a modern and delightful new version of the emojis we use every day. 

Keep in mind that these 3D Fluent emojis will be available to use in Teams chats, channels, and live meetings as well.

Thus, users will also be able to react in chats, channels, and video conferences with the new emojis, and some of them will have unique animations too.

In order to access the new emojis, go to the Settings menu of the Teams app and enable Public Preview from the About section.

That being said, also note that IT admins are required to enable the preview features to let users access 3D emojis.

After being enabled, they will be available on Teams across iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Linux, and supported web browsers.

Now, you can react and chat with some really well-made and 3D-ish emojis, making every chatting experience an unforgettable one.

Have you tried the latest Teams emojis? Share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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