Sharing your screen in Teams will soon be done from the taskbar

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  • If you think screen sharing during calls is easy now, wait until you hear about this.
  • Microsoft is making sharing even easier while using Teams, and other apps as well.
  • We will soon be able to show off our content very easily, directly from the taskbar.
  • While this feature is tested on Teams, for now, it will not be an exclusive function.
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The Redmond-based tech company is adding yet another useful Teams integration for Windows 11 really soon.

Microsoft developers started testing a feature that will allow Teams users to hover over open windows on the taskbar and quickly share the window content on a Microsoft Teams call.

This is actually a huge improvement and will make screen sharing a lot easier for Teams and other communication apps on Windows 11.

Share your desired screen directly from the taskbar

This new integration will initially be tested with Teams for work or school rather than the built-in consumer version of the application.

This means not everyone will see this right away with their Teams calls. We plan to bring this to Chat from Microsoft Teams (Microsoft Teams for home) later.

More good news is the fact that this won’t be limited Teams, because other communications applications can also use this new feature.

This automatically means that apps such as Slack or Zoom could build this functionality into their systems and make it a lot easier for Windows 11 users to share what’s on their screen during video calls.

When you are in a meeting call through Teams, simply hover over the apps running on your taskbar and you will see a new button that allows you to share your window with your meeting attendees.

When you are done sharing your content, hover over the window again and click Stop Sharing or choose another window and click Share this Window.

If you’re presenting a full-screen presentation in PowerPoint, simply move your mouse to the bottom and your taskbar will pop up for you to share or stop sharing the presentation without interruption to your attendees.

And although it’s not really clear when Microsoft will roll out this functionality to Windows 11, it’s likely to appear in early 2022, given the timing of testing.

The tech giant is also only testing this with a subset of Windows Insiders, so having the Dev Channel builds of Windows 11 installed doesn’t guarantee you’ll be able to test it just yet.

What other useful features do you think should be added to Teams? Share your opinion with us in the comments section below.

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