FIX: That didn’t go as planned error in Origin

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  • If you're playing games via the Origin client, sometimes you may encounter error messages.
  • One example is this error: Well, that didn't go as planned. Origin encountered an issue loading this page.
  • To fix this issue, consider cleaning your registry, white-list it from your firewall, and more.
  • Once you've followed the steps below, you can finally go back to gaming your favorite EA games.

A wide number of Origin users have seen the error That didn’t go as planned. Origin encountered an issue loading this page starting to appear randomly.

Here is what one user had to say about this issue on the EA Answers forums:

Well, that didn’t go as planned. Origin encountered an issue loading this page. Please try reloading it – if that doesn’t work, restart the client or try again later. Please help me !

In today’s fix article we will discuss the best methods to apply to sort this issue out and get back to playing your favorite games in no time. Read on to find out how to do it.

How do I fix the That didn’t go as planned error in Origin?

1. Clear registry entries using a specialized tool

Registries are not something one should try to fix manually unless they are very skilled with such data files, and since not everyone is an IT technician, it is best to leave these things to dedicated third-party software.

Fortect broken registry
Fortect runs an in-depth scan of your PC to detect stability issues and provides a system diagnosis compared to a new one to see the exact failed points. This tool fixes malfunctioning registry files that harm the performance of your device, restoring compromised registry values to their default settings. Here’s you can repair Registry error with Fortect:
  1. Download and install Fortect.
  2. Launch the app to start the scan process.
  3. Wait for it to detect all stability issues.
  4. Press the Start Repair button to resolve all issues.
  5. Restart your PC to see if all changes are applied.
In case of severely damaged registry keys, you can use Fortect to replace them with healthy parts from its massive repository.
This software gets your Windows Registry to an optimized state, helping your device to function error-free.
Get Fortect
Disclaimer: To perform specific operations, you need to update the program from its free version.

2. Make sure your Origin software can run normally

  1. Click on Cortana search box and type in Windows Defender Security Center -> open it.Windows security - origin error that didn't go as planned
  2. Select Firewall & network protection.
  3. Click the link named Allow an app through firewall.
  4. Click on the Change settings button.
  5. Scroll down and select Origin from the list (or click Allow another app button if you can’t find it)
  6. Make sure that Origin has both Private and Public access by ticking the respective boxes.
  7. Press Ok to save the settings.

It is imperative that your Firewall or Antivirus software is not blocking access to your Origin application.

The steps to whitelist Origin will vary depending on the antivirus software you’re using, but if you utilize the Windows Defender Firewall, you can follow the steps mentioned above.

3. Delete Origin cache files

  1. Click the Cortana search box -> type folder.
  2. Select the first result from the top called File Explorer Options.File explorer options - Origin error that didn't go as planned
  3. Click the View tab inside the newly opened window.
  4. Scroll down and under the Hidden files and folders section -> tick the box next to Show hidden files, folders, and drives.
  5. Press Ok.

To delete Origin cache files:

  1. Navigate to C:Program Data and delete the Origin folder.
  2. Delete the Origin folder found at the location C:Users<username>AppDataLocal
  3. Also, delete the Origin folder from this location on your hard-drive: C:Users <username> AppDataRoaming

In order to be able to delete the Origin cache files, you will need to make hidden folders in Windows 10 visible

Note: The <username> entry in the paths above is your PC’s user name.

In today’s fix article we explored the best methods to fix the That didn’t go as planned error message inside Origin.

We hope that this guide managed to get you back to playing games normally.

If it did, please feel free to let us know if this guide helped you solve your issue by simply using the comment section found below.

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