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As many of you would assume, the best and the most used traits of modern games are its multiplayer mods. FIFA 17 is excelling in that matter with a great competitive mode called FIFA Ultimate Team, an online mode that has been in the game for a couple of years now and which has built up a legion of fans.

However, as the case is too often with online gaming, there are some issues that frequently annoy users. One closely related to FIFA Ultimate Team is a malfunctioning connection. We’ve prepared some of the most common solutions for this problem in this article.

Fix: FIFA 17 fails to connect to Ultimate Team

Check your account credentials

In the best case scenario, you may get a password or email address wrong. So, be sure to check your credentials before you log in. You can check them out in the web app here. On some occasions, you may be banned or hacked. Of course, that’s the worst case scenario and you won’t see it often. Additionally, you would be informed if the ban occurred.

Check your connection settings

Check on the EA server status. In some cases, they may be down. If they are active and running, move on to your own connection troubleshooting. Follow these steps:

  • Make sure that you are using wired instead of wireless connection.
  • Restart your router/modem.
  • Turn off UPnP if it is available in your router settings.
  • Add FIFA 17 exception to a firewall.
  • Close known interfering programs that work in the background. Namely, antivirus, VoIP, VPN, and download managers (torrent clients). The ones that may hog on your bandwidth.

This should let you move forward to the next and final step of this list. In addition, connection troubleshooting always comes in handy as it is the main reason online gaming is suffering.

Delete Personal Settings and Squad Update

The final workaround confirmed by many users is deleting personal data related to FUT. It seems that some files get corrupted while updating, which prevents FIFA 17 from connecting to the FUT server. Follow these steps in order to fix your issue:

  1. Go to Customize.
  2. Open Profile.
  3. Choose Delete.
  4. Delete FUT Squad Update and Personal Settings.
  5. Restart the game and try again.

Yes, you’ll loose your saved settings, but that is the price you have to pay for to make the game connect again.


These were our solutions for the FUT connection issue. We hope you will succeed to overcome your problems and continue competing in FUT draft. Are you having some similar issues? Please share them with us in the comment section.


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