There is a surge in Linux gamers with the release of Windows 11

by Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
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  • The release of Windows 11 has seen a recent surge in Linux adoption over the last few weeks.
  • The surge can also be due to the Steam Deck effect.
  • With the number of released games so far, the numbers are likely to keep on increasing.

In the last seven months, Linux adoption has grown tremendously. Active Linux gamers on Steam keep increasing judging from the latest survey carried out by Valve.

Windows 11 has also been curated to accommodate gamers with a much smoother experience. The percentage so far has passed the 1% mark and is expected to grow even more in the coming months.

The Steam Deck effect is part of the success and more and more people are warming up to it as an alternative gaming platform.

The only way is up

This is the first time that Linux has exceeded the 1% mark of OS adoption on Steam since the last time was during the release of Proton.

The way things are looking, Linux may soon enter into a moment where it is competing with macOS.

Although a vast majority of users are running Windows 10, more and more are warming up to Windows 11.

In a survey carried out in October, the results showed usage of 1.82%. Fast forward to this month and the figures have skyrocketed to 8.28%.

You may recall Microsoft became a bit more lenient a few weeks ago and made the OS available to more PCs

With the holidays creeping in, the January Steam hardware survey could easily get to 20% on WIndows 11 but let’s wait and see what the results will be.

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