Top 6 Loyalty program software to use in 2018

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Loyalty programs are common with restaurants, hotels, and airlines, but today, they’re even with telcos, supermarkets, and other brands, in a bid to create lifelong customers.

The idea is that customers who frequent a business gain by getting points for all purchased made, or for taking other actions, and then they can redeem these points for rewards like buying more merchandise or getting services from the companies that offer them.

This is why loyalty program software is used, to give users the ability to customize different areas of their loyalty programs, including rules on how to earn and spend points, number of points earned with each purchase, and which customers are VIPs and which ones are not.

When looking for the best customer loyalty program software, you need to check for overall performance, customer support, ease of use, and features such as reporting and analytics that help you identify trends in the program.

Common features include rewards management, customer relationship management (CRM), a member portal, mobile loyalty app, card management, and integrations with content management systems or social media pages, or even with a point of sale system so that they can see how many points they’ve earned or spend directly as they check out.

The benefit of these programs is that customers are incentivized to return and make more purchases by participating in the loyalty program, so they have an impact.

Here are our favorite picks for the best loyalty program software for 2018.

Best loyalty program software for 2018


Zoho CRM Software

loyalty program software

This offers a cloud-based customer relationship management solution that is meant for small and medium sized businesses. The interface has CRM tools like sales and marketing automation, customer support, plus a help desk, reporting, product configuration and customer analytics.

Its multichannel support lets businesses connect and keep in touch with their customers through email or live chat, phone and social media channels.

Features include gamification, which businesses can use to gamify sales processes and reward employees who hit their targets. It also has a mobile addition so users can access sales activities and customer information via smart devices.

Users can benefit from automated sales processes through defined workflows and macros for regular activities. Zoho loyalty program software also integrates with existing software solutions like Microsoft Office, Google Docs and Sharepoint, plus it gives add-on apps for specialized business collaboration and productivity.

It is available on a monthly subscription basis.

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Marketing 360 software

loyalty program softwareAs its name suggests, this loyalty program software is a cloud-based, all round marketing platform suite for entrepreneurs and small and medium sized businesses, that lets them run social media ad campaigns, conduct SEO programs, and analyze digital marketing activities and performance.

Features like the UXi websites helps business users create branded web pages with calls to action and web templates are customizable and can be edited with the drag and drop functionality. Another feature is the Natural Listing ads feature to help users manage organic search results through tracking keyword volume and rankings.

It also analyzes SEO performance of your competitors with similar keywords and delivers real time reports with organic conversion rates. With the social targeting ads, you can get to your customers and in turn segment and target them personally based on their demographics like age, gender, location and interests.

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Apptivo software

loyalty program software

This is yet another cloud-based suite of apps that help businesses manage their finance, HR and supply chain management functions. Its CRM apps provide modules so that users can do contact management, lead management, opportunity management, and customer service ticket management.

The marketing apps like campaign management, lead segmentation and loyalty program management help businesses with their customer database, but they can select the applications they deem necessary, and what they don’t need, they can omit.

Other features include expense reports, sales planning, cash management, license and insurance tracking, budgeting, and territory management.

You can also access Google app integrations for use with Google Drive, Calendar, and Tasks. It also has mobile apps, and pricing is available per month, but billed annually.

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Loyverse POS

loyalty program software

This is another cloud-based, and mobile POS solution useful as a loyalty program software that’s aimed at small retail, restaurant and salon businesses, to help them manage inventory, sales analytics, and customer relationships.

Users can set up a loyalty program to award customers with points for recurring purchases, while managing all customer information and preferences on the customer database. It also lets you sell directly from smartphones and tablets, with discounts applied and orders modified directly on the same platform.

Your customers can receive their receipts either in print or electronic form, and you can also issue them refunds when necessary. It also has receipt printers, barcode scanners and cash drawers, plus you can sell in offline mode as the system stores and syncs data upon receiving internet connection.

There’s also a customer and employee communication module, and the best part is this loyalty program software is free to use with multilingual support around the clock, and you can be trained on how to implement it in your business.

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loyalty program software

It lets users gather information and user-generated content of all types and use it to build the brand while managing customer experiences. Its integrated solution helps companies collect, curate and manage, plus respond to the user-generated content from one platform.

The integrations with third-party rating systems like Google Seller and Facebook or Twitter also help users monitor social media channels, SEO rankings, and other important analytics for making better decisions.

Yotpo also provides email and social marketing, marketing automation, analytics, marketing resource management, search and mobile marketing, with options charged on monthly basis including starter, mid-range and enterprise options.

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Preffered Patron

loyalty program software

Preferred Patron is a loyalty program software for any company or business size with incentive promos, visitor loyalty management, multi-channel marketing, and also gift card management functionalities. This suite is available in cloud or on-premise deployment options with a mobile app for iOS and Android devices as well.

Features include an incentive promo module so users can manage cash backs, appreciations, recognitions and referrals, as well as mystery award promotions. They can also roll out a visitor engagement solution via tablet, where customers who visit the store or company can be incentivized.

Its multi-channel marketing feature lets users design and send customized loyalty campaigns via email, text messages on phone, or social media. The RESTful API also integrates it with e-commerce websites and users can roll out loyalty programs therein. It can also be integrated with accounting, POS, and mobile app systems.

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Have you decided on which loyalty program software to use? Or did your current one make the list? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment in the section below.


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