3 easy torrent making software and how to use them

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Making torrents and using torrents is not illegal as long as you are not downloading or sharing pirated content that is copyrighted. With that disclaimer out of the way, let’s get to the subject at hand.

If you ever felt the need to contribute to the massive torrent community by creating your own torrents, then you will need a torrent making software.

Now creating torrents isn’t exactly an every day practice for most, therefore it might prove difficult to find applications that are capable of performing such actions. So, I compiled a list of useful torrent making software that you can use to help share your content to the world. In addition, I added some easy to follow instructions that will help you create a torrent file on each program.

OK, let’s get started with the most popular and well known torrent downloader and creator.

Torrent creation software

1. uTorrent

This application is perhaps the most popular software to download content via torrent files. However, unbeknownst to most users, you can also create .torrent files using the same program.

The functions for creating torrents are pretty basic as the software is primarily built for downloading files through torrents. But for most people uTorrent provides everything they need in a torrent maker.

uTorrent is extremely popular because of it’s many torrent downloading features. Let’s talk about these features.

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The two major features are uTorrent Remote and RSS Downloader.

The uTorrent Remote feature is pretty straightforward. You can use it to monitor, start, and stop torrents from your phone or other mobile devices by using any internet browser. This obviously can prove useful any a number of ways.

For instance, maybe you have a limited internet plan and want to save precious bandwidth or you want to only download some files at a time. In any case, the remote access feature will certainly prove to be helpful.

The RSS Downloader function on the other hand lets you automatically download torrent files from a feed. This works perfectly with recurring files.

All in all, uTorrent is the perfect software if you are looking for something that can both create and download content from torrent files.

Here’s how you create a torrent using uTorrent:

  1. Go to the file section located on the top left corner of the uTorrent Window. Alternatively, you can press Ctrl + N on your keyboard when the uTorrent Window is open.
  2. Choose the file you want to create a torrent file of by clicking on add file or add directory.
  3. Next you will need to find trackers. You can use multiple trackers, yet one tracker is typically enough.
  4. If you are using a private tracker, then you will need to tick the box for private torrent.
  5. After you’ve completed the above steps, you can save the torrent file and share it.

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2. TDMaker

If you are looking for lightweight program to create torrents, then you will want to try out TDMaker. It has a very simple, basic design. There are no special graphics to make the program more pleasing on the eyes. Yet, it offers a number of useful features.

It is important to note, that this software is different from uTorrent as it is built specifically for creating torrents. In other words, you will not be able to download content from torrent files using TDMaker.

There are several unique features that this software offers. For instance, you can generate screenshots, get movie info, copy media information, and of course create torrents. The download file is only 3.4 MB.

Here’s how you make a torrent using TDMaker:

  1. It is pretty simple to create a torrent on TDMaker. All you need to do is browse or drag whatever file you want to create a torrent file of into the “Input” section.
  2. Next click on Create torrent on the bottom of the Window.

There are of course many ways you can customize your torrent through TDMaker. Check out the other sections for additional features.

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3. BitComet

BitComet is another powerful software that you can use to both download and create torrent files. The program features a seeding technology that allows BitComet to find more seeds, which translates into faster download speeds.

However, the most unique thing about BitComet is that you will be able to preview a video file you are downloading. The software purposely downloads the front and back part of the video file so that you can preview it more easily.

Here’s how you create a new torrent file using BitComet;

  1. Press Ctrl + M on your keyboard. You can also find the create torrent option in the File section.
  2. Select your file.
  3. There will be a dropdown box, click on it and choose enable public DHT networks. This is an unique feature as it allows your PC to be the tracker for the torrent file, just in case the public tracker goes offline.
  4. Once again you will need to add a public tracker.
  5. Download and save the new torrent file.


Now that you know how to create torrent files you have a great way to share your files with friends and family. You do not have to share your files on a public website, rather you can just directly send the file to specific people if you want to keep the content private.


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