Tumblr blog only opens in dashboard [Quick Fix]

by Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
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  • Seemingly wanting to let users view blogs easily without leaving the dashboard, Tumblr opens blogs on the dashboard sidebar.
  • You can't modify where the blogs open, but opening them in a new tab fixes the problem.
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fix tumblr blog only opens in dashboard
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Tumblr blog only opening up on the dashboard is not a fault from your end or Tumblr’s; it’s by design.

The great thing about the Tumblr dashboard is that you can do anything from there.

You can publish new posts right from the dashboard, view images, message other users, and explore your feed.

However, one can feel that Tumblr is asking too much of its dashboard. When scrolling down your feed, if you try to open a blog, you see it open also on the dashboard instead of a new screen. You cannot modify any setting to change this.

But we’ll show you some workarounds to avoid Tumblr blogs only opening in your dashboard.

Why do some Tumblr blogs open in the dashboard and how to fix it?

The primary reason why Tumblr blogs only show up on the dashboard is that the developers wanted to keep everything within the dashboard.

Blogs only opening up in the dashboard sidebar is also useful if you only want to glance through the blog.

However, it gets annoying if you want to read the blog because there’s insufficient real estate on the dashboard sidebar, and the page is not responsive.

This is a recipe for poor user experience.

To stop this from happening, you don’t need to use Safe Mode. Simply open the blog in a separate tab or window.

How to open Tumblr blogs in a new tab or window

1. Using the context menu


You can stop Tumblr blogs from showing up on the dashboard by opening them in separate tabs or windows.

To do this, instead of clicking away on the blog, right-click on it and select Open link in new tab from the context menu.

If you’d prefer to open blogs in entirely new windows, right-click the blog and hit Open link in new window.

2. Open in new tab with the middle mouse button


Stopping Tumblr blogs from only coming up on the dashboard is easiest if you have a mouse with the middle wheel/button.

Place the cursor on the blog and press the middle button to open the blog in a separate tab.

3. How to open Tumblr blogs in new tab on mobile


If you’re browsing Tumblr from a smartphone, tap and hold the post. Then tap on Open in New Tab (Chrome browser) or Open in Background for Safari browser.


  1. Open the Chrome browser.
  2. Add the Long press new tab extension to Chrome.
  3. Open the extension page and configure it how you like for Tumblr.

Tumblr blogs only showing up on the dashboard was intended to improve user experience.

However, if the complaints are anything to go by, this feature has done quite the opposite.

The good news that this simple quick fix will get Tumblr working how you want it to.

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