5 Best Online Typing Games to Master Fast Typing

Master typing by simply playing online games

by Tashreef Shareef
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  • Online typing games can help improve your typing skills by adding more speed and accuracy.
  • You can conveniently play typing games in browser, without the need to download them.
  • Typing Attack or Typing Wars are some typing games for PC and online use.
  • Some games are even in the adventure type, making the gameplay even more fun.

Typing is not fun and can get boring if you have to repeat the words again and again. That said, typing faster can help you finish your work quicker and become more productive with your time.

At this age, learning to type quickly and accurately is essential whether a veteran or beginner; excelling at touch typing requires lots of practice, which can get boring over time.

Online typing games employ game mechanics, such as being able to shoot the objects by successfully typing out the word or competing with the AI, to make the learning experience fun.

In this article, we explore some of the best typing games online that feature both speed typing and word games to improve your accuracy.

Note that you will get the best out of these games using any of the best browsers for gaming.

Where can I practice typing?

There are a lot of online resources for you to practice your typing. A few include:

This is in no way an exhaustive list of options; however, you may also want to try out any of the best software to learn how to type faster.

Of course, all the games listed in this article are also great ways to practice typing and include some free online typing games.

Quick tip:

If you play online games frequently, consider installing a gaming browser such as Opera GX.

With the browser, you can set limits on RAM, CPU, and network usage. Finally, you can customize the browser to access the frequently used apps from the sidebar.

Opera GX

This browser offers you incredible browsing speed and adds gaming features to the mix.

What is the best online typing game?

Typing Attack – Space shooting game

typing games online

Here is a great example of online typing games for PC. Typing Attack from TypingGames Zone is a fun space shooting type game. You control a spaceship to attack enemy targets by typing the correct word.

The spaceship fires a bullet for each correctly typed letter. The game has multiple levels, with objectives changing every few levels.

If you type too many letters wrong, the enemy target will explode, destroying your spaceship. It is a good example of speed typing games for adults and kids.

Important features:

  • Nice graphics
  • Excellent soundtracks
  • Difficulty levels

Play Typing Attack

Desert Typing Racer – Car racing game

Desert Typing Racer uses racing game mechanics to improve your typing. Type the word or group of letters above the car. Only cars in the middle of the road can hit you.

You can avoid obstacles using the space bar to jump. Also, the repair trucks allow you to repair your car, and jumper trucks are useful for jumping more.

You can select from over 30 lessons. Each lesson has been designed to help you improve a particular skill like working on the home row, left hand and right side, etc.

Important features:

  • Multiple typing lessons
  • Great game graphics
  • Difficulty levels

Play Desert Typing Racer

Typing Wars – Space-themed game

typing games online

Typing Wars is a Star Wars-inspired game where you must stop the evil galactic empire with your fingers. The rebel fighter is equipped with a keyboard.

Type the word or group of letters above the alien fighter to fend off the enemy attack. Also, watch out for the galactic battle star, as it can be hard to stop.

Pressing the space bar activates photon torpedoes to escape from tight spots. Similar Desert Typing, Typing Wars also offers multiple lessons emphasizing different sections of the keyboard layout.

Important features:

  • Different difficulty modes
  • Many game lessons
  • Cool soundtracks

Play Typing Wars

City of Grendale – Typing adventure

typing games online

Free the city of Grendale from evil CandleFinger by using your keyboard. The City of Grendale is a beautiful adventure where you can find treasures and secret areas to score more points.

City of Grendale is a WebGL-based game and uses the non-conventional EFKJ keys to move the character. Use the space bar to attack and the S key to navigate through the doors.

It is a good example of typing adventure games for kids.

Important features:

  • Easy controls
  • Nice storyline
  • Cool graphics

Play City of Grendale

Keyboard Ninja – Fruit Ninja-themed typing

typing games online

If you have played Fruit Ninja on your smartphone, you will feel at home with Keyboard Ninja. You can take multiple lessons to master the home row, top row, bottom row, number pad, and all letters.

If you want to save your progress, create a free account. In the game, you will see fruit objects appearing on the screen.

You must press the letter associated with the fruit before it falls to score points.

However, to make it challenging, the game also throws some explosives randomly; entering the associated letter will cause an explosion ending the game.

Important features:

  • Progress registration
  • Leaderboard
  • Nice game soundtracks

Play Keyboard Ninja

Typing games are an excellent source for learning to type quickly and accurately. These games take away the boring part of the typing tools by employing fun game mechanics while also helping you to improve your typing skills.

Let us know which of the games on this list you have enjoyed the most.

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