Black Friday 2019 underwater camera deals for nature lovers

Some of the most impressive photos I’ve ever taken are actually underwater images. If you’re also into underwater photography or videos, you are aware that finding the right equipment is not easy.

Different underwater cameras have, of course, different characteristics. Some of suitable for shallow waters, while more advanced models can be used at great depths.

We compiled this list of the best Black Friday underwater cameras you can buy this year to help you get the one that best suits your needs.

Best underwater cameras to capture amazing images

Dedicated cameras

Underwater cameras can be used to capture amazing pictures in all sorts of environments, but you’ll need specific cameras for specific needs. If your interested in 360-degree pictures, stills, or even cameras that work in saltwater, check out the best options on the market right now.


Even though an underwater camera is pretty rugged and can withstand a lot of pressure, you’ll still need to protect it with a quality housing for extra security. Keep your camera looking as new with these amazing housings and you won’t regret the acquisition.

Planning your vacation? Don’t forget to bring with you a great camera that can take underwater pictures. If you haven’t decided yet, keep a eye on this page as we will constantly update it with the newest options available.